Thursday, August 15, 2013

Volunteen Nation

  When you are a parent you have a civic duty to raise good human beings. Make sure they are responsible, capable, intelligent, have manners and most of all have some humanitarianism to help out their fellow man.
   A great site that is now available is called Volunteen Nation. It is a website that you can look on for your child to do volunteer work. Also, if you are a business and would like volunteers  you can put your business availability for volunteer work.
     It is specifically targeted to teenagers. The age range is from 10 to 17 years old and you can even pick different volunteer categories such as animals, nature, healthcare, sports, art, music or other opportunities. Volunteen Nation is a youth-led volunteer-driven non-profit organization helping young people find volunteer opportunities on their site.
     They also offer grants, scholarships, contests and other opportunities for youth. Their organization focuses on inspiring young people to make a difference. Something everyone should get behind.
As parents we need to encourage youth to volunteer in their communities. As there are vital connections and experiences to be made. They can connect with thousands of volunteer opportunities through this site.  I checked our little suburban area and there were a lot of opportunities just in our area. Check out Volunteen Nation for yourself and see if you can find a way to get your child to make a difference for others!

You can contact Volunteen Nation mainly by going to their website or their social media pages!
Phone: (314) 467- TEEN (8336)

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