Friday, August 23, 2013

The Fun Of Sheets

 People who have children are happy a lot because they are reliving their childhood through another child's eyes. A child they created and love. When you have a child it brings you back to the simplier things in life. They are forever discovering new flavors, sights, sounds and textures. The tiniest things make them jump up for joy. One minute they are delighted by a beautiful flower the next minute they are just as delighted to play with the dirty sock from their laundry basket. Children look at life purely as an experience. That is something parents realize when they have kids so they go back to experiencing life instead of just living it.
     One such way of discovering life that Xavier reminded me of recently was how fun different textures and fabrics are. I had decided to clean out our linen closet one day so I ended up doing a lot of sorting and laundering. Xavier of course wanted to help as he does in everything I do. His favorite part was when I would fold the big sheets and blankets he would dance under them and twirl around them and squeal with glee at the feeling of it. I could not help but think of how my sister and I would always have pillow fights and make tents out of sheets and blankets all the time. I would love the different textures and feels of them all. I also remember times my mom used to tell me about how she would always run through the sheets when her mom was hanging them outside on the clothing line to dry. She thought it was so much fun to play in the sheets. For an instant I fully felt a connection with generations and it was amazing. For generations this family has been playing in sheets and blankets for the pure joy of it.
    It truly is an amazing feeling, not just running through sheets, but doing something for the pure joy of it. The next time you need to think of something to do as a family remember to do something that brings pure joy!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of lots of joys!

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