Monday, August 5, 2013

The Coolest Small Town


  Last week our little family took a very important trip. It was important on many levels. It was our first really big trip as a family of three, it was to my hometown, it was to let Xavier meet tons of friends and relatives, and it was to celebrate the marriage of my father to my new stepmom. Needless to say we had some high expectations for this trip. Also, there is a lot I want to share with you, so this whole week is dedicated to our fun family vacation! Be sure to check the blog everyday this week to find out all about our trip such as, Roadtrip With A Toddler In Tow, my review of the car seat that made it through the trip, the wedding details and fun, and lastly the joys of family, friends and taking my son to my hometown. As for today you get to learn all about the Coolest Small Town in America! Hammondsport, New York was named Budget Travel's Coolest Small Town In America for 2012.
     Hammondsport, New York is a village in Steuben County New York. The population is 731 people (according to the 2000 census reports). Hammondsport was named after it's founding father who was Lazarus Hammond who founded it in 1827 and in 1856 the village was incorporated.
     The village later became the center for the New York wine industry. It is home to numerous wineries such as Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars, Bully Hill Vineyards, Heron Hill and Ravines Wine Cellars just to name a few.

     Hammondsport is located at the end of Keuka Lake, one of the Finger Lakes. It is along the route of the Finger Lakes Trail. It is also referred to as the "cradle of aviation". The American motorcycle designer and manufacturer and gasoline expert Glenn Hammond Curtiss resided at Hammondsport where the early development of aircraft and seaplanes was carried out in Hammondsport by Glenn H. Curtiss and Alexander Graham Bell and others in the Aerial Experiment Association. There is a wonderful museum about planes, motorcycles, engines and seaplanes called the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum that you can visit while you are in Hammondsport.

     Hammondsport is a quiet lakeside retreat that is a fun filled vacation with something for everyone, it has world class wineries, aviation history, water sports, hiking and biking and wonderful scenic views. You can find accomodations ranging from world class to rustic, and you have many places to  shop at quaint shops, fine arts and antiques. It is a great place to vacation for the entire family.

    Hammondsport is a quaint and small town, but very beautiful and friendly. It is a wonderful place that I am proud to be from and that I certainly do not mind having to go visit. Some of our personal favorite things to do are tour the wineries, swim and do water sports on the lake, visit some delicious restaurants and ice cream shops and shop in the center of town. The next time you need a place to vacation try out Hammondsport, New York!

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If you would like to find out more about Hammondsport, New York feel free to check out their website at and visit their Hammondsport Facebook page!

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  1. What a gorgeous place! Makes me want to go there. I'm glad you got to visit!

  2. Thanks for spreading the word about Hammondsport. It is a beautiful place and we're so glad you enjoyed your visit.
    Please come back again soon.



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