Monday, August 19, 2013

Stuck Like Glue

   When I wanted to become a mom one of the many things I was looking forward to was to have a kid that wants to come to me and only me! You can babysit and have all the nieces and nephews you want but it is never the same as having your own child want to run to you when they are upset or scared or practically anything.
    As I watch Xavier grow older and older by the second, it seems to take a long time. I will admit as a stay at home mom my days are very, very long. I really always feel that about 2pm is the time they should be over. Yet, as time goes by those months and the years really fly by fast.
    I now have a toddler who is stuck to me like glue. He loves to be around me wherever I am. It is really just him and I most of the day in the house with the dog and cats (who mostly sleep). Why he still insists on being in whatever room I am in and doing whatever I am doing I do not know. However, I have to admit it is flattering. It is nice to be needed and depended on. It is nice to know that when all else fails mommy will make it better. I am a superhero in his eyes. To him there is nothing that I cannot do. I hate for him to realize that one day mommy is not a superhero, but hopefully it will be a time when I can explain to him that it is okay to make mistakes in fact sometimes it is good to make them. Then, you learn a valuable lesson and you will never do it again and you only learn from your mistakes and move on to bigger and better things.
   What is my saving grace or I guess I should say who is my saving grace is my husband, Nick. He has been great as Xavier clings to him the second Nick walks in the door. It is really like a cling on sticker. In walks Nick and Xavier magnetically sticks to him practically all night until bedtime and I get to be cling on free!
    I am making use of the little human who is stuck to me like glue. Lately, I have been teaching him chores. He likes to unload the dryer and close the dryer. He likes to help empty the dishwasher and close it up to run. He likes to now pick up his toys and books. Plus, instead of taking out all our shoes as he used to do (See The Shoe Line) he now will put them away for you in the closet. He is such a little helper. Makes for getting stuff done around the house much easier for now. Plus, I figure it is teaching him chores something I am sure his future spouse will definitely appreciate.
     It really is amazing how fast they grow. You will hear it a thousand times from people to savor every second. We are savoring as much as possible and it still is never enough. They still grow right before your very eyes and with every milestone they reach your heart strings tug as you are proud and sad at the same time. I always remind myself that I am teaching him how to leave the nest and survive in this world without losing his childhood innocence and personality. After all that is what we really all strive to be.

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