Thursday, August 29, 2013



 Xavier has just turned seventeen months old this past weekend. I have noticed a lot of big developmental changes in him recently. He is always asking questions and pointing to things. I feel we are as though in the "sponge" area of learning. He wants to help with everything and points to everything for me to tell him what it is. He wants me to read to him and do puzzles with him all day long.
    As much as I believe the Next Generation of Stay At Home Moms should not be tied down with housework and should always put their children first. There is a limit. Everything in moderation. It is just as important for your child to learn to play by themselves in several situations.
    In order for me to be able to get stuff done this week and hopefully from now on. I set up different stations for him around the house. I figured he is old enough to be in another room without my constant supervision, plus unbabyproofed rooms are closed off and the others have monitors in them so I can hear him even at the other end of the house. (trust me our house is not that big but sometimes it feels that way when you are trying to get to a crying child). So now he has a puzzle area in his bedroom, a book area in the living room. A toy area in a different part of the living room and I am starting to develop an area for building blocks and such.
   It seems to work really well. All of the stations do not have to be supervised which helps. (notice no art station yet). This way it gives him a different structure for the day. Of course we always make changes to sometimes play outside or bake or even clean, but it definitely has helped his temperament. Also, I think when he goes to preschool it will be a better transition for him as he will be used to doing things on his own a little and not so much with his mom.

Have you ever tried different stations with your kids?

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