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Sponsor Spotlight: Child Alert Center

I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by Child Alert Center and will receive compensation to thank me for my time. All views and opinions with regard to the products/services or company itself are my own and were not influenced, nor reviewed, by the company prior to posting.

    As many of my readers know I am a very big safety girl. I think you can never be too careful with your children as they are precious gifts and you should do anything and everything you can to protect them. (If you need other safety tips check out The Mom Area or these specific posts such as Safety Devices, Childproofing 101, Infant Choking and CPR, Toxic Chemicals In Your Home, Poison Control, Debunking Old Wives Tales and Sun Safety for Moms and Kids)
   So when I was asked by the very friendly and professional people at Child Alert Center if they could sponsor my blog I found out what they offered and I jumped at the chance to be able to share this service with all of you. Hopefully, this can help solve some of the many issues with missing children these days.
   Remember when you were little and your parents would take you usually to a mall and they had the policemen set up there and they would finger print you and take a picture of you and say, "okay you are in our database". So that way if you ever went missing they had the resources for your child. They still offer that today for your child which I do recommend doing as well, however, Child Alert Center has come up with an even better idea to be sure your child's information is as accurate as possible and is distributed as quickly as possible.
       As anyone knows when a child goes missing time is a very important factor. You have a better chance of finding your child the quicker the information is spread out. The average time for law enforcement to distribute information on a missing child is seven hours! The average time for Child Alert Center to distribute your missing child's information is seven minutes. The Child Alert Center has a 100% recovery rate for all the children that were pre-registered with them before they went missing. 100% recovery rate, that is results that you like to see with missing children.

  The Child Alert Center is a wonderful and very useful tool for you to have as a "just in case" You set up a profile for your child that is only in their system. It has recent photos, height, weight, and any specifics. If your child goes missing you call their emergency number and in minutes Child Alert Center provides all the critical information to local law enforcement agencies. Child Alert Center also creates and sends out text link alerts of the mini-missing child poster to your buddy list and out on their mobile network. They keep sending more and more alerts to a greater radius area the longer your child is not found.

 Child Alert Center also provides missing child posters to news media, social media and national child-protective organizations. They are sure to disperse the photo, description and information fast so that searchers are able to find the missing child as soon as possible.
   This is an amazing resource to have. Finally, a reason to put all your social media and technology to good use. Child Alert Center was founded in January, 2005 by technology and child-safety professionals who understand there is a better way to help recover missing children. Most children are found using photos, not fingerprints or DNA. Child Alert Center believes that leveraging today’s technology (internet, social media outlets, wireless communications) is the best way to distribute a missing child’s information.

     Child Alert Center also has two additional companies, College Alert Center and Critter Alert Center. College Alert Center is a service available for college students and their parents, College parents need all the help they can get if their student goes missing. They have also added Critter Alert Center,, for pet owners. As most pet owners know, pets go missing often and their technology is so important in aiding in the recovery of them safely.
    Your child’s safety, both online and off, is the number one priority at Child Alert Center. For your peace of mind, registration information and your child's photos/data are stored in separate secure databases. All credit card information is passed through to the credit card processor and not retained on our systems or marketed to outside sources.To protect your online security, Child Alert Center utilizes some of the most powerful encryption technology available. This technology is more secure than what is used for Internet banking. They utilize redundant storage components in multiple locations to ensure uninterrupted operations for disaster recovery purposes.
    I think when you become a parent it is extremely hard to have a little person with your heart wandering around the world and you have to just sit back, watch and try to let them make their own mistakes and not get hurt. However, as a parent you also have a duty to protect them as much as you can with certain safety measures. I believe that Child Alert Center is one of those safety measures that you should definitely take for your child. For the low cost of just $15.00 per YEAR subscription! You can have the peace of mind that Child Alert Center will do everything possible to find your child should they ever go missing and their recovery rate is 100% that is a recovery rate worth investing in!
If you click the link here or on my side bar enter the code MYCHILD3 for a 20% discount off of your year's subscription! Be sure to sign your children up today!

Child Alert Center
12620-3 Beach Blvd. #302
Jacksonville, FL 32246



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