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Reflections of A Childhood


   This is the last post for this week's theme of our vacation to upstate New York for my dad and step-mom, Angie's wedding. I hoped you enjoyed it and maybe motivated you to take a road trip with your children even to a relatives or a place you grew up. At the very least I hoped you enjoyed reading all about it. If you have missed the posts so far here they are in order
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Reflections of A Childhood

To end my theme for the week I thought a good reflection piece would be great to write and to hopefully inspire you all to get out with your children and to know that sometimes it may seem like a lot of work but you are essentially creating memories that will last a lifetime for your whole family! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  When you have a child you are constantly trying to get to know them and know, what things they like and what things they don't like. You are trying to get on their level. You want to see through the eyes of your child.

   One of the best ways to see through the eyes of your child is to take your child to your childhood home. There is something extremely special about showing your little one where you grew up (no matter what age your child is).

    When I was walking Xavier through our apple orchards of my dad's house that I used to play in for hours I could see and feel the pure delight in Xavier's eyes. He was experiencing them for the first time. Although you cannot experience this for the first time it brought me back to feeling like a child again and for a few minutes instead of a parent to Xavier I was another child with him. Showing him and playing with him.

    Some things come naturally to Xavier like running and pulling up the grass. However, sometimes how to play is what you have to teach. It is odd to me to have to teach him to play outside but you really do.
       At home he loves to play outside he has his familiarity of life around him in his backyard. When we were in my dad's yard he was in unfamiliar territory and did not quite know what to do. He is always a little timid at first but once he makes up his mind he jumps in full force with both feet. One of the many things I love about Xavier.

     I taught him to pick up big strong sticks (we just have pine trees where we live). I taught him to then play sword fight with those sticks. I taught him to find the fallen new apples on the ground and throw them into the forest for the deer and animals to eat.

 I taught him to run up and down the hills of the yard and laugh every time you fall up or down the hill,

 and I taught him to pick Buttercups and Queen Anne's Lace flowers and hand them to his mom.

 Of course I also graciously accepted the then very excited and will give mom everything items such as, only heads of flowers, weeds, grass, rocks, sticks and more grass.
      You can say you should teach him that not every gift is a good gift and should be praised, but then, is it not the thought that counts? He consciously thought that he was going to pick something for his mom. To me I do not care if it is dirt because it is something he treasured enough to give to the one he loves. I can only hope he continues to do that throughout his life.

     What is also wonderful about going home with your child is to let your family see and meet him. We had a lot of extended family visiting who has only seen Xavier in pictures on the computer but have never been able to experience his personality and craziness.  It is surreal to see all the different generations and stages. You can notice so many similarities just within your extended family. Funny mannerism, jokes, or stages of development.
   Luckily, by Sunday Xavier was in a better mood and was able to visit with the family as they were split up better in small bunches and not in one giant mass of people. He laughed, played and talked to many of them. Though he was still a little timid to let anyone else hold him he was okay with playing with them.
    It was a wonderful experience for a parent to really get the chance to introduce their child to her childhood home and family and I can only fathom how great it was for Xavier to experience that and to now have that in his memories.

Our good family friend, Carol, Xavier and I

    If you are able to bring your children to your childhood home and to meet extended family. I highly recommend it. It is an experience the entire family will not forget.

Thank you so much for following my theme this week of our vacation to upstate New York the the wedding of my Dad and step-mom, Angie. If you missed any of the posts you can check them out here:
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Reflections of A Childhood

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