Thursday, August 1, 2013

Office Desk Corner

My office/desk corner! Perhaps I can call it my writing nook!

   It is amazing to me how such a little person can take up so much room. Sure at first they are in a cradle by your bed. Then, they get their own room. Next, they need more space for their toys to play with. Don't forget some outside toy and play space as well. Needless to say our 1200 square foot three bedroom and two bathroom house has been seeming smaller and smaller since there is a miniature person wandering around it like a drunk and tossing his things all over the place.
   Nick and I have reduced a ton of our stuff. Donating tons and tons of things to people and places to make room for the miniature roommate. Most of Nick's stuff is confined to the garage and the storage shed (which we had to get just to hold more of our stuff).
    The majority of my stuff is in closets and the garage as well. When I started blogging I thought it would not be a big deal to not have a desk or office.  I could just blog in bed or at the kitchen table. However, I have found although sometimes writing in bed is nice I tend to fall asleep. I cannot anymore work at the kitchen table while Xavier is awake as he assumes if I am at the kitchen table I am eating so he has to join as well. So Nick and I came up with the idea to have a miniature office for me. Well, it's really a desk in a corner of our bedroom. However, it gets the point perfectly to Xavier. It is completely off limits to him. He is not even allowed to sit on my lap or anything while I am at it. The most he will do is play beside me or give me something to fix for him. If we play on the computer together it is somewhere else then "mommy's work desk". It seems to work at least for now.

Vito's crate was a horrible catch all and eye sore. It was time to do something productive with it!

   Needless to say to get this miniature desk/office area we had to shift our bedroom around. Our giant black lab, Vito still loves and sleeps in his crate. This wonderfully patient dog let us put a board on top of his crate to make a changing station when Xavier was in our room. Since Xavier now has his own room, Vito's crate has now become a catch all for junk which looks really bad. We decided to move it long ways onto the other side of the room closer to the window and on Nick's side of the bed which he prefers. That freed up the space on this side of the room for the desk. We had already had a desk. As Xavier's room was an office so we took it out of the garage dusted it off and put it in the space which it fit perfectly.

I love the dry erase picture frames!

  I added an old antique chair that was comfortable and looked nice and some needed office supplies such as a paper bin, notebooks, pens, highlighters, dictionaries (yes I know they are on the computer but I prefer the book kind).
I have to have actual books around me! They help and are inspiring.

Then, since we have a lot of pictures on our walls in our bedroom instead of using a bulletin board I decided to use old picture frames as dry erase boards. I simply put lightly colored scrapbook paper in them and hung them on the wall. I actually hung them lightly so they are easy to take down to erase and write on again. I love this idea!

Finally, my office desk corner! A writing nook!

   Finally I have a space to write! I think even Nick enjoys it as he has a place to do work for his job as well and we are doing good at sharing the space.

We even managed to make the top of Vito's crate a nice book shelf for files and such. Plus, Vito loves being by the window and his dad!

    Having a miniature roommate sure makes you find lots of hidden spaces in your house for everything you could possibly need! Now if only I could find some hidden space for a claw foot bathtub!

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