Monday, August 26, 2013


  One really awesome thing about having a kid is all the fun birthday parties you get to go to.  You get to see all the different themes, foods, toys and see your child interact with new and different kids. It is like pure mania to be at a toddler birthday party for a couple of hours. However, while you are there you are able to notice the giant milestones that are being accomplished.
    Such as a child who never likes a certain food, actually tries it for once and likes it. Or the child who is always too scared to jump in the pool finally does because so many other kids do it. It is amazing to watch them all interact in one big environment and see them find out all the new things together.
   Many of these birthday parties we knew the kids when they were little babies and it is always amazing how fast the time goes by. Xavier always seems to have lots of fun at all the birthday parties he goes too. It definitely is always fun to get together with good friends and family.

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