Friday, July 12, 2013

The Superhero With Batteries

 There are many titles for mom. You know the average, booboo kisser, short order cook, maid, chauffeur, playmate and many more. Nothing makes a mom feel better or have the best title then Super mom. That's right. This week I was given the ability to perform an act of pure heroism when one of Xavier's favorite toys finally died.
   I have to admit we bought this LeapFrog school bus that does letters and fun things at a good will store for four dollars. He simply adores it and plays with it all the time. I have never replaced the batteries in it. He has had it for almost ten months.
   Finally he was playing with it and it kept getting stuck like a bad record (does anyone still remember those?). It would go "C, CCCCCCCCCC" until you shut it off and turn it back on again to hit another letter and do the same thing. Xavier got so very frustrated with it he immediately threw it on the ground and pouted and started crying. I felt bad. I thought for sure this four dollar toy from the good will had just met it's last days. Until I remembered that I do not think we had ever changed the batteries in it.
   So I scooped it up and got out some batteries and performed a careful operation of finding the correct screwdriver to get the job done. Xavier was impatiently hanging on my leg at the time in pure hope that mommy would fix his favorite toy.
    Once the batteries were in and the compartment was screwed up tight I turned it on and it worked perfectly. In fact a little too perfectly as far as I am concerned as it seemed a lot louder then with the dying batteries. However, the hug and smile and laugh I got from Xavier was priceless.
    It is amazing how a simple act of changing the batteries of your little ones favorite toys suddenly makes you into a super hero! He was in such a good and loving mood the rest of the day. I guess I should go look around for more toys that need some batteries! 

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