Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pool's Open

  So since it is finally summer time in the south. We have opened our pool!

Yes, I realize it is quite small, but it fits a one year old perfectly with room for another friend or a mommy. I call that the perfect type of pool when you have a toddler.

I do not have to worry about chemicals. If my toddler does not like it I did not waste a lot of money on it. If my toddler breaks it, as they usually break everything, it's not too hard to get another one.

I am pretty sure there is a reason these kiddie pools have been around for decades. They serve a great purpose for your toddler. Go get one for your toddler and see how much fun you and them can really have!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend! I will be taking the rest of the week off to enjoy my family. A special thanks goes out to all the military for all their sacrifices so we can celebrate our freedom!

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