Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Year Blog Anniversary!

One year ago today I started writing this blog. I had no idea how much I would come to love writing it or how much of my life it would really bring meaning to. I admit at times it is hard work, but there is no such thing as work if you are lucky enough to do what you love. Writing is definitely something that I love.
   I would like to thank you! Every single one of you. Those who always read my blog everyday and those who only stumble on it once in a while. It means a lot to me. As great as it is to have a place to vent and to do something I love. It is even more meaningful when I hear from you, my readers. I love when you ask me about doing certain posts. I love when something I have written really spoke to you and made you feel better about yourself and brightened your day. That is my full intention with this blog. It is not just because I love to write and it is great to document Xavier's life. I started this blog in hopes that I can help other new parents in an unbiased environment. There are tons and tons of information out there. Between books, other parents, your parents and grandparents, your friends, your pediatricians. Who can you count on? You should always count on your parental instincts as they know best, but I hope if you need some help tackling the bunches of information that exists out there you will land here will I can help you decipher it in an unbiased and informative manner.

As a result of you wonderful readers I wanted to give you some fun stats that I am proud you have helped me reach.

-This blog has had over 19,000 views
-I have posted over 200 posts
-There are 8 separate pages on the top to catalog some different posts
-I am on 9 social media channels (check the purple buttons on the top right)
-I am a member of multiple high end mommy blogger communities
-This blog has brought on numerous sponsors to bring you new products and services to learn about
-There are readers from the USA, Russia, Canada, Latvia, Malaysia, France, Australia, Germany, -United Kingdon and Singapore

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all of the love and support you have all given me over this past year. I look forward to another year of blogging and all the fun and exciting things we will get to experience together!


  1. Congratulations! This is some very impressive numbers! Thank you for all your interesting posts. I am the one "stumble on it once in a while", sorry, I am going to read a lot more of your great stuff.
    Laura, http://camillaandroman.blogspot.com/



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