Thursday, July 11, 2013

Genetic Talents

  As I am now a parent and a parent blogger. I learn about so many different techniques of parenting. So many different styles of parenting and how so many different parents and children relate to one another.
   The one thing that I always find amazing is genetics. It is amazing to me how a child who may even have spent little time with an Aunt tends to have the same mannerisms as them. Such as they walk with the same gait. Or they eat their food in different sections like their uncle. There is always a very special bond between families. Something that even though time has brought them far apart, when they are together it is as if no time has left at all. We all just pick up right where we left off.
    It is even more fascinating to me when those genetic traits are actual genetic talents. Have you ever noticed that many people in a family are dancers, or writers, or singers or musicians or even scientists and doctors. They are all on different levels but there is still that genetic interest that draws them to that path anyway. I do think a lot of it is influence. If you have an adopted child they still can inherit traits because of how you model the traits but I find it more fascinating in relatives that have not seen each other for a while.
    There are many instances in the news where siblings who were lost and found each other years later end up doing the same line or work and have similar families. That is genetics. It is a wonderful thing to be aware of. It is very powerful to be aware of the many different strings that attach each and every one of us.
    I am not sure what genetic traits Xavier will carry on. However, I am very sure that from our gene pool they will definitely be memorable traits. What types of funny family traits have you noticed in your own children?

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