Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fourth of July

  We had a wonderful and actually quiet fourth of July this year. Fourth of July is a very special holiday for me. It always had such good memories, with exception of two, (just the one when I was hit in the head with a firework and the other one when we had fireworks launched at us). Other then that they remind me of special times with my family, usually just my parents and my sister and grandma. Dad would grill outside and mom made some type of dessert that incorporated the red, white and blue colors in it. We would then go sit on our porch outside and watch the fireworks over the lake. Everyone would play with sparkles, except for me I was too scared of them due to the firework incident mentioned above.

     I liked to watch the lighting bugs. I always thought lighting bugs were like little stars from above. Sometimes when they would fly really high they would almost blend with the stars. It really was a magical time a of year. I am so thankful for our country and our military for giving us the freedom to be able to enjoy our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness even if just in the form of catching lightening bugs.

     I wanted to have a special way to celebrate the fourth of July with Xavier. Nick had to work late last year and Xavier was so little he did not even notice. However, since he is fifteen months now he had a lot of fun swimming, barbecuing and visiting with friends and family. He was not able to stay awake for the fire works in fact he was so tired he slept right through them, but it gave Nick and I a chance to relax and enjoy each others' company and the amazing world we live in.

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