Monday, July 15, 2013

Cleaning A Nonwashable Stuffed Animal

 It is inevitable that when you have a little one that sooner or later they will have a favorite lovey as they call it. Most likely it will be something that you have no idea where you got it from and where to get another one from. If you are particularly lucky it will also be something that cannot go in the washing machine.
   This is what happened with us this week. Xavier has a favorite "Mr. Monkey". He sleeps with every night. I limit Mr. Monkey to the crib only in hopes that he will not get lost or dirty as I cannot find another Mr. Monkey and he is not machine washable.
   However, the other day we had a massive pee blowout. Xavier woke up and the sheets, blanket, pajamas, Xavier and the worst and hardest to clean was Mr. Monkey soaked in urine. UGH! Off went the blanket, sheets, pajamas to the washing machine. Xavier was bathed, but what to do with Mr. Monkey. Even though it says do not put in washing machine I thought about it, but I knew my little guy would be heartbroken without Mr. Monkey so I could not risk it. I Googled how to clean stuffed animals that cannot go through the washing machine.
       This is what I found. The magical works of Baking Soda. It works so well and it is safe and non toxic so I have no reservations about Xavier cuddling with it. Plus in about twenty minutes Mr. Monkey was clean and ready for cuddling. It also works with dirt and grime as well as urine and other dirty unmentionables.  I hope this helps to save your child's favorite lovey as well.

Cleaning a favorite stuffed animal without a washing machine

Items needed:
- 1/2 cup of baking soda
- big and tight bag to hold stuffed animal
- vaccumm

- put your stuffed animal into a large bag that you can zip or tie closed. I did not have any large freezer bags so I used a  plastic bag that I double checked to not have holes in it.

- pour the half of cup of baking soda into the bag with the stuffed animal and tie or seal the bag
- shake the bag for two minutes rigorously (think shake and bake)

- then let it sit for fifteen minutes, it may need longer if it is really grimy and you may need more baking soda if the stuffed animal is especially large

- open the bag and shake out the stuffed animal, I took Mr. Monkey outside and beat him to get all the excess baking soda off of him. (please note do not let your little ones see you beating their lovey it may upset them).

- vacuum any excess baking soda off of the stuffed animal with a vacuum hose
- You are finished and have a perfectly safe and clean lovey to give to your little one who must miss him so much!

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  1. Great post! Will definitely use this!

    1. Thanks Arianna! I figured a lot of people can definitely use this!

  2. Great post! This is so simple and everyone can do it.

    Thanks for linking up with It's a Mom's Life. I hope you'll join us next week too!

  3. I so needed to read this like 3 years ago! So helpful!

    Thanks for linking up to It's a Mom's Life....come link up again (starts tonight). :)

  4. You were one of my featured posts on last week's It's a Mom's Life Link Up. Thanks for linking up! I hope you'll join us again this week! :)

    1. Thank you so much Erika! I am very honored to be one of your It's A Mom's Life Link Up features! You just reminded me to link up! Hope you had a fun weekend!

  5. Does this work for getting out areas that have gotten dirty and stained? My son has a stuffed lion just like Mr. Monkey and his cream-colored nose has turned brown from so much loving and play. Lionel desperately needs a bath but I am wondering if there is anything more I will need to do to clean the stained areas. Thanks in advance!

    1. Great question, as I just found the answer out a few days ago. After Xavier's first strawberry adventures he ate too many and got sick and unfortunately, Mr. Monkey was right in the line of fire. This wash is just a usual maintenance wash. Not really good for stains or massive damage (like vomit). What I did was put him in hot water in the gentle cycle with detergent of the machine. Only I pulled out Mr. Monkey during the first wash cycle. It was just enough to really get him soaked and soapy and clean off stains and smells. Then, I put Mr. Monkey between two towels and squeezed water out of him gently as much as I could. That was really easy in fact he ended up drying mostly enough that I could give him back to Xavier after about 30 minutes. I told him Mr. Monkey was a little wet because he had a bath. The things we do for our little ones. You can try the washer if Lionel really is bad, or if it's just the nose try some water and vinegar on it. That is extremely safe for kids and their loveys and is sometimes just enough to clean a stain depending on how bad it is. You can also add some baking soda on nose and spray the entire animal with a mixture of half vinegar half water for the rest. See if that works first if you are worried about the washer. Also, note I do not have a new washer, it is a top loading simple Kenmore. I do not know much about front loaders they may be different if you have to put Lionel in a front loader. Post a pic of Lionel when you get him clean I'd love to know! Best of luck!



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