Monday, July 1, 2013

A Toddler's Voice

 It is amazing how much transformation you go through when you have a child. Your whole reason for being gets altered when you have a baby. It is a wonderful and magical gift and you learn many different types of feelings along the way. When your baby becomes a toddler it is almost like you went from having a "pet" to having a roommate. So parents who have a baby are similar to parents who have pets and people who live with roommates are similar to those who have a toddler in the fact that all a sudden your pet has more of a voice. Imagine if Fido decided he did not want to go for a walk and instead of walking with you anyway he kicked and barked and complained. That is a toddler. You all a sudden have a little voice that you must listen to. They do not always get what they want, but they must be heard. You must listen, try to understand and try to solve their problems without being able to speak their language.
     This really has come into our life lately as Xavier will now complain for lots of different reasons such as when he has to stop playing or he has to get ready for bed, or when we have to leave somewhere that he likes. They are his little tantrums. I think we are doing good, we don't give in, we stand our ground and he usually quiets down quickly. However, what I did not anticipate with toddler hood is that you have to take them into consideration all of a sudden.
      Let's say you and your partner planned to go to the beach because you were both off from work this weekend. When you have a baby you take baby and all baby's mass of items and go to the beach. However, with a toddler they have a voice. Xavier just got his shots on Friday. He was miserable and complaining all weekend. He did not want to even play by himself in the house. However, we listened to his voice and did not go to the beach. We stayed home and had our own fun here because he did not want to go anywhere because he was not feeling very well.
    Suddenly, someone else has a voice to get a vote in the house. It is an amazing feeling to realize that this is how it will be for the rest of your life. It is amazing and comforting to know that you will always have another opinion who cares. Be sure to pay attention and listen to the little voices in your house.


  1. We are having the same issues. Our daughter will be two in a couple of weeks and for more than a month she's throwing tantrums. Some involving swatting and kicking us. We started time-out but I'm not sure if it is helping. This phase is wearing both my husband and I out.

    1. Hang in there Ruth! Just know you are not alone. Apparently, all of us with toddlers suffer with our little dictators. The best thing I can tell you is it is a sign of a very smart child if they tantrum it means they are an independent thinker and in the long run you will want that. This too shall pass! :)



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