Monday, June 3, 2013

The Toybox

 It started off as an ottoman. I was so excited when we purchased it. We bought a new living room set to go in our house. The first brand new living room set I have ever owned. I went out and bought a separate but very specific brown ottoman to go with our set. Nothing too extravagant just a big sized, leather ottoman from Target. Which, up until now was always full of fun adult things. You know like a tray to put drinks on, the controllers to our Wii and some extra chenille throw blankets for guests. I planned on it staying that way. However, ENTER Xavier!
    That same ottoman is now not even in the same place or in a place that would make it's ottoman features of any use. It now blocks off part of our living room so Xavier cannot run out the front door. Leaving it completely useless to put your feet or drink on. Then, the insides were taken out and slowly have been replaced with Xavier's toys.
     It started as a small basket of toys on top of the ottoman, but the toys just kept getting bigger and bigger. Although he does keep a bunch in his room as well, the living room is where he mainly plays all day long so we would just bring them out of his room into a basket on top of the ottoman. Then, the basket stayed there. Then, the toys got too big to fit into the basket. Now, I have emptied all adult contents from the ottoman and it is solely used as a toy box.
  What is crazy is that I actually thought it was a great idea. Every morning I would open it and Xavier would pick out some toys and play with those all day long. I never let him get them all out. I usually just let him play with around seven toys, then close the box and put them away at the end of the day. Slowly, the toys have grown. Each having more and more parts to pick up.

   I thought picking up more toys was the bad part. I was very wrong. The other day Xavier figured out how to open the toy box all on his own. I was working at my desk in the bedroom and I heard him playing in the living room. I can turn around and see him but I was not looking at him as I was typing on the computer. (yes, blogging). When I finished I went out into the living room and Xavier was in the process of emptying the entire contents of the toy box. He figured out how to open it and take out all the toys.

   I cleaned it up, but now he opens it any time he wants and takes out all the toys in it, or as much as he can, at least before I grab him and put the lid back down. The other day he was having so much fun with the toy box that he even got inside the toy box to throw the toys out. He is now amazed at the box the way I was when I first bought it, but for completely different reasons. If you notice this piece of furniture that was once an ottoman has now transformed into a toy box. If you noticed I have even changed what I have been calling it during the course of this post. It always amazes me just how much children really do change your life. In so many different ways. I am very happy that that ottoman is now a toy box. I think it has finally found it's true calling.

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