Thursday, June 13, 2013

The New Dad

 You see him in the supermarket, shlepping the baby and diaper bag and usually pushing the cart as well. You see him in the doctors office holding his baby close by his side. You see him on the couch sleeping with his baby on his chest and you see him at the table trying to coax his baby into eating what appears to be mush and showing his child that it is indeed "yummy". He is the new dad!
    I know as a new mom that nothing no matter how many books you read, how many shows you watch and how many people you talk to, prepares you for motherhood. I know even less books, shows and people prepare a guy for fatherhood. Dads in fact tend to get a bad rap. Which is very unfair to the countless wonderful dads that are in the world. Especially to new dads.
    Guys do not normally know much about children. They do not play with dolls, or tend to know how to change diapers, feed babies, or rock them to sleep. However, I challenge you to find a good new dad who has never figured out how to do all those things in their very own special way. That is what makes them amazing dads. New dads get through the tumultuous pregnancy mood swings and still are excited by the time baby comes. New dads step in and change diapers and get up in the middle of the night as well and sway and sing as much as needed to make sure that their baby knows them and loves them and goes to them just as much as to mom. A baby thrives when both parents are equally present in a child's life.

    Many new dads even do the skin to skin contact with their newborns. They take off their shirts and let baby in their diaper cuddle on their chest for hours on end. They fall in love with their baby the moment they see them and they are glued to them everyday. Many new dads work countless hours to make ends meet and still find energy at the end of the day to bathe and rock their baby to sleep. New dads are what make a man, a man. They are amazing and they will grow into even more amazing fathers.
   I would like to give a huge shout out to the new dad in my life, my husband Nick. I know you all read my ramblings and know I have a wonderful husband, but I do not talk much about what a wonderful new dad my husband Nick really is. It still amazes me how great he is with Xavier. From the moment Xavier was born Nick was hooked. It was purely love at first sight.  Nick changed all of Xavier's diapers on Xavier's first two days of life and countless more diapers from then on. He has stayed up night after night and got up early every morning with Xavier. I found it so cute that at 5am when Xavier would wake up from the cradle in our room Nick would get up and grab Xavier and say "Good morning! Good morning sunshine! How's daddy's little man today?" in the happiest voice and he does that everyday when he gets up with Xavier.

        He has been in charge of feeding Xavier at the table. Since I did the breastfeeding I thought that was fair. He feeds Xavier while feeding himself at all our meals. He shares what is on his plate with Xavier and a couple times even lost a lot of his meal to Xavier. He even will chew food before giving it to Xavier so Xavier can taste it. Nick has never missed one of Xavier's doctors appointments. He is always home as much as he can be when Xavier is sick. Nick is an amazing new dad and is going to be an amazing father.

    Xavier and I are truly blessed to have such a wonderful man in our lives. My wish would be that every boy have a father as great as Nick because this world would be such a wonderful place full of happy and loved little boys!

Happy Father's Day (a few days early) to my wonderful husband, and father to our son, Nick! I love you!

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