Friday, June 14, 2013

The Lessons from Dads

Dad and I on my wedding day!
    A father is the man in your life who will set the standard for all the other men in your future. I do not just mean men you will date, but also, your coworkers, friends and neighbors. You will forever compare every male human being you meet to your father. This could either be a good or bad thing. Perhaps if you had a terrible dad you stay away from bad personalities. If you had a dad with a bad temper perhaps you stay away from bosses who yell constantly. How a father treats his children has a direct result in how they relate to other males and how they grow and thrive.
   Father's push their children more then moms. They want their kids to be strong and happy. They want them to really feel like they could do anything they want to do. Moms sometimes restrict kids, thinking things like "well, that may be too dangerous". When dads say, "no, they are up to the challenge let them do it". I think that moms help you to grow up big and strong and dads help you to fly!
   Dads teach their children how to not take life so seriously. They teach their kids to appreciate their family and everything that they have.

Me, Dad and my sister, Marla

   There is a very special father in my life who has helped me to not only fly, but soar.  So in case you may forget as time is going by, I want you to know dad, that I remember...I remember you teaching me to garden. I remember you playing my first video games with me. I remember you riding on rides with me at the amusement parks. I remember you taking me out to run errands with you and always getting me a candy bar. I remember you helping me to paint and set up my playroom in the basement. I remember you taking me trick or treating and always wearing a costume yourself. I remember you playing the organ while I conducted at church. I remember you teaching me to mow the lawn and me almost going into the ravine. I remember you helping me study for my math and science tests. I remember for my prom you came to the restaurant I was eating dinner at just to see me before I went. I remember you coming to all of my shows, recitals, concerts and games. I remember you coaching my little league team. I remember you hugging me tightly when mom died. I remember you dancing with me at my wedding. I remember you hugging me when Xavier was born. Most of all I remember everyday that you love me! I look back on all the wonderful memories we have already had and am so excited to be able to share even more with you! You have given me the perfect male role model for my life. You have let me soar to great heights in everything that I do and for that I am forever grateful and I thank you with all of my heart. You truly are the world's best dad and I love you very much!

Happy Father's Day DAD! I love you!

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