Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Connections


   You hear quite often how technology drives families apart. People are always on their electronic devices. They do not ever talk anymore or be with each other anymore. All of those television shows where they "fix" your family one of the first things that they do is take away all of the electronics. I am not saying that that is a bad idea but I do think that sometimes when it comes to families and electronics, electronics get a bad rap.
    I have to admit as a nerd I do like electronic gadgets. I do not have a lot of cool gadgets, but trust me that is not because I do not want them it is only because as a stay at home mom I do not NEED any and we are always tight on our budgets. I have to say that when it comes to electronics and families I think they do bring a lot of good to our lives.
   For instance, how many of you circle around the television for family movie night? I know a lot of you do. Sure, there are movie theaters but that is much harder with little ones and at home you can give everyone their own snacks and you can pause for potty breaks.
    There is so much you can learn on the internet. I have to admit I believe I have gotten smarter since I discovered the internet. When I figured out (I was a young teenager when the internet came into our house) that you could google any type of question and find instant answers. I thought it was the most amazing thing. Now when my child asks me about a bumble bee or a plant or anything for that matter that I do not know I can look up the answer and find thousands of things to tell him about it. I know they have encyclopedias but as a girl who used encyclopedias they did not have anything compared to Google.
    I also enjoy video games. We own a Wii. I do not get to play it as often as I would like but I love the sporting games. I love sports and I like to play sports. However, as you have read above I am a nerd so I did not get the sporting gene. Therefore, I stink at pretty much all sports. When I play I end up getting benched. Not that I blame anyone. I mean there was a time when I was the best player on our volleyball team and we never won a single game. At the time I thought it was neat to be the best player, but then I only came to realize that "wow! we were pretty bad". I think video games are good to play as a family. You can try things that you may not in real life. You do not have to feel embarrassed if  you stink because you are in the comfort of your own house. Plus, some of the role playing games teach a lot of team work. It is a good learning experience for adults as well as children.
    I think the most grateful I have ever been with electronics has been since Xavier has been born. The internet is wonderful. Nick and I do not have family that are close by us. The closest is a couple hours away. Most of our family are in other states. The internet has let us be able to share everything that goes on in our lives with our families. My cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and even old friends from high school can all see Xavier and what is going on in our lives and we can talk and see what is going on in theirs. When we are going through a rough patch it is nice to have family reach out to us and just say "things will get better, we love you". I know you had that before, but honestly, you sadly lose touch over time. It used to be so hard to call everyone and write letters. Now you can just check their Facebook statuses. I think that that is a blessing and I am grateful that I am still able to connect with our family.
   It was especially cute last night when Xavier was listening to his Aunt Marianne on the phone. He got this big smile on his face. He has not seen her in a few months but as soon as he heard her voice he smiled and he even laughed at some of the things she was saying to him. In that instant, I took a picture of him with my phone (see above) and put it on Facebook for Aunt Marianne to see. It was so neat to see that she was able to see him when he talked to her. (yes, I know there is a thing called Skype but not everyone in our family is up to speed electronically yet). It is times like that that I think it is wonderful to have electronics. They let us be far away and live in a wonderful place where we love the weather and the people and the family values, yet we miss our family and friends but because of electronics we can still feel the love and support that is needed to help us soar as a family!


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