Friday, June 28, 2013

Broken Dishwasher?

 Every once in a while I learn something new about living with a toddler. This week was definitely something I just never thought of, though now that I know about it I am not surprised and even a little dumbfounded as to why it never occurred to me that this could happen.
    We have an old dishwasher it is about six years old. Though it runs great, lately we would set the timer on it and it would not go on. Sometimes the heat dry would automatically come on even though we never use heat dry (it is such a waste of electricity). It was still cleaning great so we did not think too much of it. Nick and I just made a mental note that in the near future we may need to replace our dishwasher and in the meantime we will not set the timer and we will watch it to make sure the heat cycle does not come on.
    The other day Nick loaded the dishwasher and set it and came into the living room to sit down. I was in the living room watching him. Right after Nick set it and wandered into the living room the pitter patter of little feet, also known as Xavier went right up to the dishwasher and pushed a bunch of different buttons. AH HA! We found the culprit.

   Silly mom and dad, there is absolutely nothing wrong with our dishwasher except that little fingers keep pushing buttons on it behind us when we are not noticing. Needless to say we now have to keep a sharp eye on the dishwasher and we pretty much only run it when Xavier is in bed.
    Whenever we end up needing a new dishwasher I will have to be sure to get one where the buttons lock so little fingers cannot be pushing them. It is just another lesson in having a toddler that you will never know what they will get into next.

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