Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sponsor Review and Giveaway: Language Bear Book Bosley Goes to the Beach in English and Spanish

     As a mother there are lots of things that I hope for Xavier. Mostly of course that he is always happy and healthy. However, my other two things I really wanted for Xavier was that he be a good eater and a good reader. He is definitely a good eater and he is on his way to be a good reader. So when I was asked by the wonderful people at Language Bear if I would consider reviewing one of their dual language children books I jumped at the opportunity as we are all about reading and language in the Arbia household.
     When I first received the book The Adventures of Bosley Bear Bosley Goes to The Beach A dual-language book in English and Spanish written by Tim Johnson, translated by Debora Frid and illustrated by Ozzy Esha I was very impressed with the quality of the book that I received. It is a nice big size with very rich and colorful pages and the print is big and easy to read. I was excited to check it out so I scooped up Xavier and off we went to read about the adventures of Bosley bear at the beach.

   Multilingual books are a great way to enjoy stories with your children because you are introducing them to new words and vocabulary along with your first language. They are also great if you are an adult that is looking to learn a new language. The simple vocabulary and grammar makes for a great read for all ages. The Language Bear offers multilingual books of all sorts; children's stories for bedtime reading and exploration as well as multilingual novels for adults. The current children's books are offered in the following languages: French, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Sign Language (ASL), Italian, Russian and Portuguese. The Language Bear also offers flash cards as well to go along with your language learning.

    When I first read the story to Xavier I read it in English. He of course loved the story. It is a great story about a bear that goes to the beach for the first time and learns about many things and even realizes how great he himself is in the end. The illustrations are magnificent, very bright and colorful. Xavier loves to touch the pages because of all the colors. It is also nice how they have things labeled on some pages so you can point out "bag" or "bolsa". Once I finished it in English I waited a few hours and read it again to Xavier in Spanish. We have since been switching back in forth for the past couple of weeks. I will admit that the only problem that I had was that there is no pronunciation guide in the book, but you can get an audio recording of the books if you would like to. Luckily since we got the English-Spanish version I just had to practice it a little on my own to refresh my brain of all the Spanish classes I have taken years ago. It came back to me and what is nice is that the Spanish reads right along side the English. So while reading Spanish I knew what I was saying so I could do the voices and have fun with the story the way I would if I was reading it to Xavier in English.

    It was funny at first to see Xavier's face when I started reading Spanish to him but after a few times he seemed to like the story just as much no matter which language it is read to him in. They also highlight certain words in the story in a different color on the English and Spanish side so you can see the specific word and not only learn the meaning but see how it is used in the context of the language and story. Plus, at the end of the book is all the vocabulary words from the story that you just learned.

    I am extremely pleased with The Language Bear book Bosley Goes to the Beach. It really was a easy way to introduce another language into Xavier's vocabulary. We do not really know other languages very well so I am happy to be able to expose Xavier to other languages so easily and at such an early age. If you have children definitely check out The Language Bear for some wonderful dual-language children's books. They make a great addition to your child's library and would make great presents to the children in your life. It is a wonderful and unique idea that I am very glad I had the privilege to review.

If you would like to order a dual-language children's book from The Language Bear you can check them out on Amazon
or their website or become a fan of their facebook page.

Also, I am giving away a brand new copy of this wonderful book Bosley Goes to the Beach in English and Spanish so enter below. All residents of the United States are eligible and you can enter everyday. The contest ends Friday, May 24th at 8:00pm EST.

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