Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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     Parenting has been changing throughout history. However, as new parents there are even more challenging hurdles then there were years ago. For instance there are many technological advances that have happened over history that has made parenting with technology much different. For instance when televisions first came out parents thought they were wonderful babysitters. You could prop your child in front of them for hours and they had a blast. It was not until years later that we learned that the screen time in front of the television watching cartoons such as Bugs Bunny although entertaining were not good for your children. They should not be in front of screens for more then two to four hours a day and for only "quality" programming.
   When I started off my journey as a parent I thought I had this technology thing down. I instituted quality television time and thought nothing of it. I occasionally brought out the laptop for Xavier so he could watch television shows that we may have missed or to talk to relatives far away. However, when it came to playing on the computer, my iphone or my tablet. That was always a "No". Why would a young child have any need for any of those things? I can now see that times are changing. That technology is a HUGE part of our culture. It is our job as parents to be able to teach and help them navigate safely through technology. So when I was contacted by the wonderful people at ABCmouse .com about doing a review of their online early childhood education curriculum I thought this was a great opportunity for me to see a side of technology that perhaps I may not have thought of. I want Xavier to have all the advantages he can in this world and I want him to be able to do whatever he wants and needs to. Early childhood education is a huge initiative that is being pushed right now in the United States. A good start for children can lead them to good learning and work habits later on in life. As a stay at home mom I am sometimes limited on resources for helping to teach my child things. So by using the ABCmouse .com early education childhood curriculum I am able to teach Xavier age appropriate things and even play games that help him to navigate through technology by also learning valuable information at the same time.

      ABCMouse .com is a superior teaching tool for any parent of a young child. It has a full online curriculum from Preschool through Kindergarten with even a new toddler program that we were overjoyed to test out. There are over 450 step by step lessons in six different levels along with over 3,000 individual learning activities. It promotes lesson learning, independent learning and free play. Every activity has one or more learning objectives. The different subjects offered are Reading, Math, History, Science, Art and Music.

    When Xavier and I first signed on I watched the video explaining everything which was about five minutes but it was extremely easy to understand and to learn how to use. I had no problem navigating it. Since Xavier is new to actually touching the computer I had fun teaching him how to use the mouse. He goes a little nuts with it so instead we used the pad on my laptop. That way I can help him control moving the mouse and he loves to click the button. What I thought was nice was there is a tutorial for learning to use the mouse on the website.

     You get to set up an avatar for your child and they get their own virtual room with a fish tank and a hamster. When your child does lessons and games they get tickets to then use to buy things for their room, fish tank or hamster. I must admit I love this idea as it is a great reward system but since Xavier is so young he did not understand that so for the most part I just hold on to his tickets until he figures out how to spend them on his own.

   We pretty much tested all the aspects of this website which actually took a long time as there are so many things to choose from. We found plenty of favorite places and things to do on it.One of our favorite places is the movie theater.  They have a lot of small five minute movies that remind me of music videos about the alphabet. Xavier loved watching them and always clapped his hands and danced with them. There is also a farm and a zoo on the site that you can visit whenever you want. That was a great activity that Xavier and I enjoyed. He loves animals right now so to be able to see them and watch them in their habitat. (it is still cartoon but they are very realistic) He loved visiting the zoo and farm everyday.

     The toddler curriculum is very well put together. He learns about the letters of the alphabet one at a time. I would even encourage him to play a game after the lessons that also incorporated the same letter or lessons that we learned during the curriculum. He loved the bubble popping games with letters in them. It was easy for him to use the mouse pad to move around and pop bubbles and he would get all excited when it would say the letter name out loud.
    The graphics and sound are very well done and very rich. I had no hang ups on the site. It worked very well and in fact to type this article I had to wait until Xavier went to bed because when he hears the logo music he gets all excited and wants to play on the computer with me.
     Each lesson has a lot of different things from puzzles, to coloring pages, to songs and stories. The songs were great as you can get a bouncing ball for the lyrics so we could sing a long with them. I really thought that the lessons each had different ways for your child to learn but also all had the same underlying theme which really kept your child engrossed in the activities.

    I am so excited to be able to have program like ABCmouse .com that we can use to learn new things and to help Xavier get a head start in the world, both technologically and academically. If you have young children in your home I highly recommend ABCmouse .com. It is a wonderful toy that is an amazing teaching tool.

ABCmouse .com lets you pay monthly or yearly for a subscription and your first month is free!
To find out more about ABCmouse .com visit their website by clicking one of the links in this post or check out their Facebook page or Twitter page!

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  1. I''m so excited you tried out ABCmouse for us. I am really interested in trying it for our daughter.

    1. I'm sure her and you will love it. It is a wonderful program I was very pleasantly surprised. You should enter the giveaway for a one year subscription!



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