Thursday, May 30, 2013

Running Snot


   When you have a toddler in your house many things are always running; your feet, your hands, your brain, your entire body, your pets, your partner, your water, your toddler and your toddler's nose. Xavier just got a cold. No big deal, no fever or anything other then a bad case of the sniffles and sneezes. He has had a crazy amount of energy and curiosity lately so he has been quite the energetic character. However, yesterday was different. He was cranky from teething again lately and on top of that he got a cold. So an extremely, energetic, curious toddler with a cold is now running around my house sneezing on everything and wiping boogers all over my furniture. (I'm not sure any of you want to ever come visit us again). There was actually once during the day when he had boogers on his hand and when I went to grab a paper towel he put his hand in his mouth. You think that is bad, but what is worst is that I was happy that at least this time, it was not on the furniture.
    I kept calling him to me and I would wipe his nose the second I saw a little glisten under his nose. However, by the time he would come, he already knew what I was going to do.  He would then, run away and get over excited because I was chasing him.  Finally, he would crash into the couch, the loveseat or the ottoman and smear his face all over the cushions with drool, boogers and who really knows what else. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
      I realized that when I decided to have kids that my house would not be perfect and it would get a lot of wear and tear and I even prepared myself for the occasional booger that may have been left behind somewhere. I was NOT prepared to have to comprehend cleaning booger-drool (yup that's my name for it) that is smeared all over my furniture, and his arms, and his clothes and oh of course my pants and shirt. Not to mention I cannot really ask him to not smear his face all over everything possible. I cannot tell him that he has to blow his nose. All I can do is wrestle him down and suck as much snot as possible out of his nose with a stupid nose bulb. So that he can jump up and run around for ten minutes and have more of it glistening and starting the whole sequence again.
     I guess that just goes to show you what true love really is. True love is wiping someone's butt multiple times a day. Putting on butt cream and of course wrestling someone down to suck as much snot as possible out of their nose. I hope you remember this story the next time you hand someone a tissue. Remember that it does not start off that way. If I hand Xavier a tissue he tries to eat it. If someone takes a tissue nicely and says "Thank you" and blows their nose into the tissue, then throws it away and washes their hands remember that a mom who endured a snotty house and wardrobe taught her child to do so!

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