Friday, May 31, 2013

Positive Outlook


     Have you ever watched a child and wondered how they can be so amazed at the simplest of things? Sometimes it's a particular color block, an extra soft pillow or a ray of sunlight that comes in from the window. They look at everything in astonishment. They are astonished at how beautiful everything is. They wonder about every little detail. Does the sunlight feel different then the block? What does it look like on the other side of the room? It is because they are seeing things for the very first time.
    When I watch Xavier play by himself. I am forever amazed at how he sees things. I guess to adults that's what children are; they are called a "child" and "little" because they do not have the "big" knowledge that us "adults" have. However, sometimes I think we are wrong about that. Children may not know how to tie their shoes or cook themselves dinner. However, they know how to live. They know their purpose in life. They are here to enjoy as much of life as they possibly can. They are gonna try and fit as much into a day as they can. So what if they have to miss a nap or two or even time on the potty they need as much time as possible to figure out how those rings go back on that yellow stick thing.
   Perhaps they are the ones who know "big" knowledge. They come into this world knowing that time is precious and to enjoy every single second of everyday and fill it up with as many good things as possible. If you fall and bump your head try to shake it off as quickly as possible and move on. They love with all their little hearts and they do not have hate. To children the opposite of love is not hate it is indifference. They may not love the toy car that you bought them, but they don't hate it either. They simply pay it no attention. Yet, the box that the toy car came in they absolutely LOVE and they will spend as much time as possible with that box. Isn't that why toy companies spend tons of time testing out toys? To make sure that it will not only be a toy that a child will love but that will also withstand that child's love.
    What an amazing lesson that we can learn from children. That you only need to love or be indifferent to things. There is no time for hate. There is no time for negativity and feeling bad. Life is too precious and too wonderful to be enjoyed. So go and be with your family as much as possible and be present in each moment and look for the things and the people that you really love!

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