Friday, May 17, 2013

Crash, Bang, Boom

 You think that once your child learns how to walk all the falling and bumping of the heads will stop. I mean Xavier fell over a lot at first. It was rough to watch, but now he finally has a hand of it and he walks all over the place and even at strange places, like people's houses, outside in public stores, etc.   
     However, we now are learning to run. Or well he has decided that he can run. He gets so excited and starts running. You can see that a problem is starting to arise when you can tell that his little body is way ahead of his feet. Not to mention he has no idea how to brake. Up until now he would just fall.   
      Today he was running at full speed and crashed into my nightstand. Mind you the nightstand has always been there. It is a giant very old piece of furniture so very heavy duty. He is not supposed to even be near the nightstand but something about it got him so very excited that he had to run to it. Except his little body got ahead of his feet and he had no idea how to stop himself so he crashed right directly into it and lay sprawling on the floor and bawling his eyes out. We felt so bad.
        He has been crashing and banging into everything left and right. No matter how well we baby proof things he just finds a way to crash right into them. I think he needs some football padding all over his body to protect him. I guess it is all a part of life. I mean I really have a BOY. Man, he is really a boy. Although he is more hesitant than most boys in that it takes him a while to warm up to new things but once he does he jumps in full force even if his little legs cannot keep up with him.
        I guess the life cycle is just making me tougher and tougher because sooner or later he will end up getting scraped, cut and bashed by something. I am silently preparing myself for that day. As I know it is inevitable. Though it is nice to know that I can always make him feel better when he gets hit hard. I guess that is what a great parent does. They make sure their child knows they can conquer anything as long as they always know mom and dad have their back.

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend!

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