Tuesday, May 28, 2013


  I am forever amazed at how much a woman really changes when she becomes a mother. It is like her entire personality really transitions and it can make her much stronger and do things she would never have thought she could before. Motherhood challenges each and every woman in many different ways.
    Many females in general are very squeamish. We don't like bad smells, textures and tastes. We tend to not like things that squirm or crawl. We tend to not always be on the braver side. However, as we become mothers you find yourself doing things you never dreamed of doing, even if in your dreams you are a mother.
   I have seen some mother's do things that I know they would never have done before having a child. Such as putting your hand out to catch your child's puke, because it's better in your hand then in your friend's car. I have seen moms shelter their little ones from disasters, from fights. Many couples work harder on their problems all for the sake of their children. There are marriages that stay together just for the pure sake of their children. As mother's we forgive a lot easier, unless of course you mess with our kids.
    I am glad to say I have not yet had to have a crazy tale to remind you all of this. However, I had a small run in that just made me think of this subject. The other day Xavier and I and our dog, Vito were playing outside. We came inside to have a snack. I put Xavier in his high chair and as he was munching and me munching next to him a black spider (would love to say huge as it seemed huge to me but it was probably an average to small size) came out of his hair and crawled on his face! He of course did not notice as he was very involved in his cookie. I grabbed that spider with my bare hand and squished it in my hand and threw it in the sink. Now, unlike many women I do not hate spiders. They eat other bugs so therefore they are ok in my opinion, but if they are in my house I kill them. I'm sure they would do the same to me if I am in their house. Let alone on my child's head. Although I don't hate them, I would usually kill a spider with an extra large shoe and shiver as I pick up it's lifeless body in a giant paper towel.
      I was washing my hands from squishing the spider and I laughed at how "brave" I was. I would never even think of touching a spider before, but it was on my kid! You don't mess with my kid. I have to admit although a small accomplishment it does make your day to know that when push comes to shove you can "step up" and do amazing things for the sake of your children. I admit it is not as amazing compared to the mom who sheltered their child during the tornado, or the mom who jumped out the window to save her son from falling or the mom who stepped in and was bitten by a bunch of dogs to save her child. However, it is in these small situations that give me the faith and strength to know that deep down I do have what it takes! I know that when needed this mommy is ready to spring into action. Though I am hoping next time it is just perhaps an ant.
    I'm sure if you look back on your time as a mom you can think of an amazing thing that you did for your child that surprised even you! We all have that special super power in us it just sometimes takes a little human to remind us of how strong we really are.

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