Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Big Boy Cup

   It never ceases to amaze me how fast Xavier really does learn things. It seems like everyday he learns something new. The other day him and I were eating lunch together. He was drinking out of his normal sippy cup. I got up to get myself a drink and I decided to get some orange juice. I put it into a small plastic cup (one of Xavier's) because usually I leave a little in the cup and let him finish it. I thought perhaps I could help him to use the regular cup. So I fed him what was left of the juice and I set the empty cup away from him. He kept looking at it and wanting it. I did not know why because it was empty but he kept on trying to reach for it. Finally, I gave him the empty cup hoping he would realize it was empty and he took it in both of his little hands and tried to drink from it the proper way. I got all excited and said "good boy Xavier!" and I ran and put some water in the cup for him to try drinking from it again. He grabbed it again and started drinking from it. He was so happy that half the water was spilling out of his mouth, but you could see how proud he was that he figured it out. My little man is already on his road to becoming a gentleman!


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