Monday, May 13, 2013

A Weekend Breather

   I find it funny that although I am a stay at home mom I still look forward to the weekends. You would think it does not matter all that much, as I am still in the house and I guess "on duty" (though I am pretty sure there is never an off switch) but weekends are still something I love and look forward to all the time.
   I always say that a good weekend can help me to get through a tough week.  There are days when I have Xavier all day from the moment he wakes up until the moment he goes to bed. We also only have one car right now so I am home those long hours with Xavier. It has it's ups and downs. Some days there is nothing better then spending the entire day with your son and other days you just want a minute of peace.  So the peace that I do not always get during the week, I look forward to getting on the weekends.
    I love weekends because we try to leave them as unstructured as possible. We all mosey out of bed and play in pajamas. We always have a nice big breakfast together that my husband always cooks. We spend long lazy days doing nothing other then sitting on the porch and watching Xavier play in the back yard with his toys.
    I like that sometimes we do something fun. We will sneak in some fun activity either Saturday or Sunday and just take our time getting there and not worrying about schedules. Even Xavier is always off his nap schedules on weekends. We just let him nap when he crashes.
    It is amazing to see each other just let loose. Even Xavier seems to be freer and looser on weekends. He seems to enjoy running a muck in the house with toys all over the place. Eating and napping at different hours. Though bedtime is still strictly enforced he is usually worn out with fun and passes out early. A bonus for mom and dad.
    What is so nice about letting loose on the weekends is also nice to have a start to the week. I am sure most people love Fridays and of course I do as well, but I have to admit I am always somewhat intrigued for Monday. You see I am a glass half full kind of girl. I am always hopeful that this week, will be a fantastic week. This is going to be the week that big things are happening. I have great goals for the week and what I am going to get done and when that weekend comes we are going to let loose again.
    It amazes me how quickly children pick up on that as well. Xavier seems more focused during the week. He seems to be learning new things faster and faster. He insists on sticking to his schedule during the week. Apparently, even at one years old he has his own goals and things he wants to accomplish this week. I do think this is a great thing to pass on to your children. Instead of always teaching them to dread Mondays, try to teach them that Monday is a new start to some new possibilities and to even set goals for yourself for the week. It will make your weekend even sweeter when you have accomplished what you set out to do!

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