Monday, May 20, 2013

A Frat House

 It is amazing to me how much fun it is to write a blog. I really enjoy sharing all of our experiences with all you readers. Some of you I know very well, Hi DAD! Some of you I think I know and some of you I do not personally know at all. However, there is a reason you keep reading my posts day in and day out and I am forever grateful. You see when you are a blogger your primary purpose is in hopes that someone somewhere is reading what you are writing and perhaps you are making a difference in that person's life if for no other reason then perhaps to make you chuckle, smile or think of something that you might never have noticed.
    It has been hectic around our house lately so I have not had a ton of inspiration to write. Mostly because I am just tired as most moms know that feeling. My husband has started a new job and with a new job comes new hours usually longer at first due to training and until one gets the job figured out.
      You would think if you are a stay at home parent this would not affect your day as well, but it does. Not necessarily bad, but different. We had to adjust our morning routine to eating breakfast earlier if we all want to eat together. Xavier and I eat by ourselves a lot for dinner time and our weekends are spent being sure to spend as much family time together as possible. I have written many times on how I love our very special weekends of nothingness. However, I have never really mentioned what our week days are like. The best analogy I could think of is that being a stay at home mom to a toddler reminds me a lot of when I was in college. I get up very early to eat because if you do not eat first thing and a good breakfast you may not make it through the day. In fact meals are extremely important times for toddlers. Xavier loves meals, snacks you name it. If you are standing near the highchair, refrigerator or cupboard you are going to be mauled by a one year old who apparently is never full. Very similar to living in a frat house with very hungry teenage boys.
    Next up of course is the mess. I am not a nut when it comes to cleaning but I do not like dirt. So for the most part what you will find in our house is clutter. If you call or text before entering my house I will throw all the clutter into another bedroom, cupboard or some spot that I assume you will not see.    
      Then, there are toys. Tons of toys, toys, toys. Xavier prefers to have many of his toys out. Although I make him pick a few for the day. He usually has around 7-10 toys out at any time and all the millions of little pieces that go with each one of them. Not too bad when he was just crawling and they all pretty much stayed in the living room, but now they are all over the house. There was a Little People slide in the bathtub the other day when I went to shower. I frequently find balls of every shape, size and color in corners of every room, and you never know when suddenly you will hear "Come chase me" out of the stupid orange electronic cat that my husband thought would be fun to buy for Xavier to chase. (Xavier loves it, it broke and doesn't even move anymore but it still says "chase me, chase me". I hear it in my sleep). Very similar to college when all your roommates left their stuff all over your house and you had no idea what it was or when it got there.
     Of course there are smells and weird messes. There is the always stinky diaper pail that needs emptying constantly. The very sticky highchair no matter how many times you suds it down. The stains on the couch that you were sure were water, but does water stain couches? (fyi they do if you let your toddler leave a dripping sippy cup on them long enough, though you can wash it out phew!).  Plus, it is always great to find the weird stinky goop. Yup, with toddlers there is always weird, sticky goop somewhere. Don't see it in your house? Check around, perhaps the bottom of the door, the window sill, the bottom of that chair, your favorite shoes, or that nice new shirt you just put on to head out the door without your toddler who gives you a big hug and on his hand is weird, sticky goop that ends up on your back and you have no idea what it is or how to get it out. I am pretty sure there was also lots of gross goop in your college house as well, no need to get into specifics.

    We have music playing and people screaming all hours of the day. Sometimes good screams sometimes bad screams. Usually it is music from Yo Gabba Gabba which will remind any parent of some sort of drug or alcohol that they did in their college years. We get little sleep if at all and sometimes are known to just crash during the middle of the day.
    What is funny is that college was some of the best years of my life. I now know why,  it prepares you for toddler hood. You see that degree also let  you in on a lifestyle, one that although you never dreamed would be repeated, it is. Only this time with all the early mornings, clutter everywhere, loud music and screams and even the weird, sticky goop it is even more worth the trials and tribulations. Every night I kiss my little man good night and tell him what a wonderful day we had together. Every morning I get to kiss him again and greet him with a big morning hug and we eat our breakfast together as a family and plan all the fun things we will get into today.

I dedicate this post in particular to the Niagara University class of 2003 as it was ten years ago that we graduated! Soar all you Purple Eagles Soar!

I hope this post lightens up your Monday and helps you have a positive week!

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  1. So funny! It certainly is like that. I love the comparison!



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