Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Trade Off

   I think it is funny the things that your children learn. There are times when they pick up on something or start doing something and you are like "where did you learn that?", "it must be from your father's side of the family". Kids are very quick to pick up on things. That is why as a parent it is so important not just to tell your children to do the right thing but for you to model doing the right thing for them. Show them how to be, through your actions.
    This is much less serious but still pretty funny. Xavier has somehow learned to try to "trade" for things. I don't know where he picked it up as it is not something Nick or I do. I am thinking that it is something in his little mind that he has discovered all on his own. I think Xavier's main mission right now in life is to discover new things. Things that are usually kept hidden from him in cupboards, drawers, shelves, boxes and bags. Things he is not supposed to touch. He understands "No" and as he gets older and finds more and more things to get into he gets a little tired of hearing "No". One of the things he knows are definite "No's" are our electronics. He loves cell phones and remote controls. We have never let him play with these things. Even as a baby I knew someday he would be able to push the buttons and I did not want him to ever start playing with them. However, it is almost as if being off limits is what draws his attention. The second you leave a cell phone or a remote control in a place he can get to it is his. He waits and watches. Now, he will offer you a "trade". I usually am on the computer with my cell phone in my lap, or sometimes the remote if Xavier's watching television. He will get one of his toys, usually something the same size as a cell phone or a remote. I don't know if that is on purpose or coincidence but it's a little scary how similar the items are. Then, when Xavier thinks you are not paying attention he will slowly put his toy in your lap and grab the remote and slowly pull it off your lap. It is his way of saying "you can have my toy elephant and I will take the television remote". Of course, Nick and I catch him and say "No" and give back his toy for him to play with, but it never seems to destroy his optimism because surely later on in the day you may change your mind about the trade or if perhaps he gives you a better toy you are surely to change your mind.
    I must admit I do love that the worst thing I worry about Xavier getting a hold of right now is remotes and cell phones. I am pretty sure my worries about things he is getting into are only going to get worse as he grows older. I only hope he has the same smart sense and bounce back character then that he has now.

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