Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Teachings of Children

   Many people wonder why they should have children? Then, when they see parents, they wonder things such as; "was it an accident?", " what were they thinking starting a family now", "their lives are really going to change?"and a few positive thoughts as well, but are still ultimately wondering why have children? I have had my son for a year now and I know the answer to that popular question and so does every other parent. We have children because you are living AGAIN! When you have a child you start seeing everything through the eyes of them. It is like another childhood all over again. You start with your life and go through life, then you have a child and you go through their life and then, hopefully you have grandchildren and you go through their life. Life is a very endless cycle in so many ways.
   I find it fun to talk to different parents who are still with their first child. If you talk to parents on their first child and parents on their fifth child. You will see a huge difference. Neither way good or bad, just different. I do believe from my observations that the first child parents really tend to live in the future. They are imagining what their child will do and how he or she will end up in life. First child parents, have a high ideal for their children as to at least what they expect their kids' childhoods to be like. They already know what to do with their children. However, if you talk to the parents who are on their fifth child you will find a very different perspective. They tend to live in the present. They really just focus day to day. Just take everything one at a time and enjoy it when you can. If you have a really good day you should revel in it and carry it with you until the next one. However, you don't have time to think about the past or very much in the future as there are just too many kids and factors.
    I believe that parents are getting closer each day to finding out what life is really about. They can see it in their children's eyes; the wonderment in everything in the world, the capacity to really believe that you can do anything, and the ability to forget the past, live in the present and trust in the future. Your children know how to really make a mistake, learn from it, fix it and move on to bigger and better things. That is the secret to life. Parents know this secret because they figured it out while living vicariously through their children. They know how to take life steady as it comes and just trust that things will work out alright.  Children are amazing teachers if we just remember to stop and listen to them.

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