Monday, April 8, 2013

Safety Devices

     I realized while typing different topics everyday on my blog that there are many things that you think of when you have a child. One thing that you realize is extremely important is your safety. There are many things you need to feel safe in your home especially with children. So I am designating this week Safety Week on my blog. So check my blogs all this week on important information about measures you should take in your home to be sure you and your family are safe.
   Today's topic for Safety Week is Safety Devices. All homes should have smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Here are some important information about each of them that you need to know to keep your family out of harms way.

    Smoke Detectors
- You should have a smoke detector in every room
- You should make sure you have a smoke detector on each level of your house

- There are two types of smoke detectors wired and individual. Wired smoked detectors are better because when one goes off they all go off. They are typically found in new houses. You can make your older house have the wired ones but they can be expensive to get wired. Individuals are still good and important if you cannot get the wired.
- You should vacuum your smoke detectors with the dust brush of your vacuum once a month to make sure your smoke detectors stay clear that way they are more accurate.
- Change the batteries in your smoke detectors yearly or when they beep.
- Test smoke detectors at least yearly to make sure that they work properly.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors
- You need a carbon monoxide detector if you have a fireplace (gas, logs, inserts, etc), an attached garage to the house, and/or gas/oil heat or stove
- Carbon monoxide detectors should be plugged into an outlet low on the wall. It is best to put it between the carbon monoxide source and the bedrooms. IE- between the garage and your bedroom.
- Replace them yearly or when they notify you. Some carbon monoxide detectors you can replace just the cartridges in them.

Fire Extinguishers
- You should have at least three fire extinguishers in your house, one in the kitchen, one in the laundry room and one in the garage.
- Think where to mount a fire extinguisher. Do not put it over the stove or the dryer. Put it in the kitchen where you can get to it if the stove catches on fire, or in the laundry room where you can grab it if the dryer catches on fire. Above the stove or dryer are never good places to put them.
- Fire extinguishers can be used on different types of fire
  A) trash, wood, paper fires
  B) liquids fires
  C) electrical fires
Be sure to get a fire extinguisher that is good for all three fires. It should say it is an ABC Fire Extinguisher.

- Fire extinguishers have indicators on them that indicate when they need to be replaced or recharged.
- You can call the company you bought them from or your local fire department to find out how to recharge your fire extinguisher.

- Once you use your fire extinguisher even for a second you must replace or recharge it.
- To use your fire extinguisher always remember PASS
 P- pull (the ring)
 A- aim at the base of the fire
 S- squeeze the handle
 S- sweep from side to side
- A yellow/white powder should come out of the fire extinguisher when you use it

 Please be sure you take these proper safety measures in your home. It is so important for you and your family's safety. Also, spread this information to your friends and family so you know that they are all protected. Check back tomorrow for more tips during our Safety Week!


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