Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: Philips Avent Express Bottle Warmer

    You would think that because I now have a one year old on my hands that I would be getting ready to pack up our bottle warmer. However, it is just the opposite and that is what motivated me to do this review. I have been breast feeding Xavier this past year. I pump a lot so he does get a lot of breast milk from his bottles. We would occasionally heat them up in the bottle warmer. I say occasionally not because of the bottle warmer but for some strange reason Xavier likes his bottles cold. However, as he has now started eating solids and I have stopped pumping and he is using up our stash of frozen breastmilk the Philips Avent BPA Free Express Bottle Warmer has come in handy even more.
    What is so great about this bottle warmer is that it is a small compact size yet still large enough to warm up classic bottle sizes, toddler cups, food jars and even frozen breastmilk storage bags. It heats four ounces of milk in four minutes. I can take a bag of frozen milk from the freezer and put it in the warmer and in about 7-10 minutes it is all thawed and warmed and ready to be put in a bottle or sippy cup. (We are trying to phase out bottles completely). I also love the fact that you can heat up food in a baby food jar or even small container as well. It does not create those dangerous hot spots that you get from microwaving food and drinks. Also, it works fast, which when you have a hungry child that is an important factor.
    I admit I never bought this idea, it was a gift. I did not think a bottle warmer was necessary. However, it has become very necessary and I am so glad that someone thought to incorporate this into my gifts. This is definitely a keeper for our family. I think what really sets this warmer apart from many others is it's compact size yet still offers the versatility to heat up many different items. It also comes with a one year warranty on it which is rare to find in any items these days.
    If you are a new mom or know of a new mom consider getting the Philips Avent BPA Free Express Bottle Warmer for her. I am sure that she will appreciate how fast, compact and versatile it is and it is sure to make her life a little easier.

You can purchase the Philips Avent BPA Free Express Bottle Warmer at
BabiesRUS or other fine retailers, it usually sells for around $39.99

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