Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Open and Shut

 I had heard that this was going to happen, but I must admit it was faster then I thought. Xavier pretty much has free range of our house. It is very well baby proofed. So for the most part he cannot get into much. When he does he will yell "mama". That's right, only when he is in trouble or upset is there a "mama". "Dada" is always called when Dada is around and Xavier is happy.
     So yesterday, Xavier and I were doing our usual. I was working on the computer and he was playing. I saw him go into his room and he was playing in there for a while. They suddenly I heard the "MOMMA!" and crying, I ran in there (I was only like four steps away but it felt so much farther) and the door was shut! Apparently, Xavier had figured out how to shut the door, but not open it. He cannot even reach the door knob, so that would not be possible. Of course he was perfectly fine for being behind the door for only maybe five seconds, but it definitely scared him enough that hopefully he will think twice before closing more doors. I am glad he knew how to call me when he really needed me, it does make a mom feel good.
       Needless to say I can see why they recommend door stops for baby proofing. We did not think they were necessary. I am now changing my mind on that.
   I guess we will be investing in some cheap pool noodles to cut up and put on the doors as door stops until he figures out how to open doors with a door knob and not shut himself in his room.
   It really does amaze me how fast he learns something. Everyday it is something different that he learned from the day before. He is constantly learning and picking up new things. I am glad that as he is learning to navigate through life he has learned to call for his Momma  when he needs help. Hopefully, he will always know that his Momma and Dada are here to help him no matter how many doors get shut in his face and no matter how many situations he has trouble getting out of.

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