Monday, April 22, 2013

One Silly Monkey

     As the story goes, one silly monkey jumping on the bed, he falls off and bumps his head, his momma calls  the doctor and the doctor says "no more monkeys jumping on the bed". The monkeys then move on to jumping on the couch. I am pretty sure that the person who wrote that story must have had boys. Somehow, someway, Xavier has taught himself that jumping, and climbing is a ton of fun! Especially on the couch but the bed is just as fun. 
    He now wants to come and sit on the couch with you. Which you think is so adorable. Except that after that first sweet hug and smile he will then roll over and stand up and start jumping, bouncing and slamming himself into the pillows. He does the same thing on beds. I have heard the horror stories of moms who say their child was jumping and fell and hit their head and had to get stitches. I know sooner or later that this is going to happen. That sooner or later I will have that heart wrenching moment when he hurt himself so bad we have to make that emergency trip to the hospital. I am hoping it happens later rather then sooner. So we are trying to teach Xavier no more bouncing on the furniture. It is a lot of patience and time. I put him up, let him sit and cuddle, then when bouncing starts, I say "NO" and down he goes. 
    I am pretty sure this is one of the exact reasons as to why parents have a lot of patience. It is for times like these when just patience and repetition finally will get through. Hopefully soon my silly little monkey will figure out to get his climbing frustrations out at the playground instead of the furniture. I have to admit I love seeing him learning things such as climbing and bouncing just not on my furniture. 

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