Monday, April 15, 2013

No More Boobie Juice

   I am not much of a goal oriented person. I tend to be more of a go on my instincts and do what feels right type of personality. However, you cannot help but when you are pregnant for nine long months to think of all the things you want to do after you have the baby. Some of your planning will never make it, some you will try and find out you were way wrong about that idea and some things you will love and accomplish as a goal.

   I did not have a lot of goals. We did not do the cloth diaper thing. I knew that that would be too much for me to figure out on our first kid. I did try the make your own baby food, but honestly, we got WIC which gave us free baby food, and on top of that Xavier does not seem to like baby food. He ate it for like a month and was straight on our food. So now he just eats smaller portions of what we eat. I was not even one of those moms who wanted a natural birth. I did not want a cesarean as this was my first baby and we would like to have more, but I was not opposed to drugs at all. In fact by the time I got my epidural after five long hours of "natural" labor I was more then happy with the drug decision. I thought our birth went well. However, my one goal that I really wanted to accomplish for my baby as well as myself was breastfeeding for the entire first year. I cannot say how proud of myself I am that I have accomplished that. I thank my husband, Nick immensely for his constant support in breastfeeding and I can see results from it already. In my child's first year of life, he has been sick only once, no ear infections, no gas issues, no reflux issues (and that runs in our family), no allergies, he eats everything, he does not have attachment or mouthing issues and he has always been at a healthy weight for his age.

   I know what you are thinking that I am a stay at home mom and it is much easier for me to be a breastfeeding mom. I am here to tell you that breastfeeding in itself is something to be proud of. If you breastfed your baby at all you should be proud. Any amount of breast milk is better then none. I am only frustrated with moms who do not even try it.  It is obviously the best and cheapest, why not at least try it? However, due to our expenses, me being a stay at home mom, and we are kind of a very natural/hippie type family it just fit the bill that I was going to breast feed. Here is the thing, I rarely allow things in our kitchen that have too many added "ingredients" (I put ingredients in quotes because I don't like to consider, dyes, additives and junk, ingredients).  You will not find Little Debbie, or soda's or much prepackaged food in our house. Unfortunately, in my opinion that is pretty close to what formula is and I had decided it was not for us. That is not to say I did not give it a fair try the week after Xavier was born due to me having a blood transfusion my milk was extremely late and we did supplement with formula. I gave it a fair try but honestly, it was not for me or my family. I broke out my breast pump. ( See Review: Ameda Purely Yours Breast pump). Then, after finally getting my milk to come in we found out that Xavier has a minor tongue tie. In fact so minor that we did not realize it was what was wrong with his latching. He would latch and drink but not be satisfied. Finally at around two months old he got the hang of it and so did I. We breastfed baby to breast and I also pumped to let Nick feed as well. We continued that until Xavier was around seven months old. He then got his teeth in and could sit up on his own and started eating solids. He was no longer interested in breastfeeding, so I let him wean himself. However, he still needed the nutrition so I exclusively pumped. For over a year I pumped from 8 times a day to 6 to 5, then 4, 3,2 ,1 and now I am done.

   Now that Xavier is over a year old. He does not need breast milk or formula for nutrition. We are weaning him from bottles as he only has them as a comfort in the morning and before bed. He is finishing up the last of the breast milk in our freezer and we can put him on whole milk although it is not necessary if he stops the bottle before then. I did not mind exclusively pumping for a while as he needed the nutrition and I felt like I was still nourishing him, but as he does not need it for nutrition (not to say it hurts him, as it actually helps give him an extra nutrition boost and if he got it from me I would not have weaned him) I have decided to stop the pumping. I am glad for the new freedom to have my body exclusively mine and not have to have a breast pump on my bedside table anymore. I do miss it slightly, only because it brings on the realization that my baby is no longer a baby. He is a toddler. He has his own likes and dislikes, his own personality. It is just the first step of many in realizing that he doesn't need me anymore.

   It is funny how life works though. It is almost as if as soon as I am realizing he is no longer a baby and does not need me to nourish him, I think he feels it too. Every once in a while he will come up to me and just snuggle and wrap his little arms around me. He is showing me that he still does need me just in a different way, and thus, our relationship has changed again. Just when you feel you have a hang on things with your child, they change, and you change and your relationship changes together. I guess it is all in the mystery of life.
  Therefore, I just want all the moms out there to realize that you can accomplish your "mommy goals" of whatever it is. There will be naysayers but do not let them get to you. You do what you know in your heart is right for you and your family. I am so grateful and proud to have stuck with our goal of breastfeeding for the first year. It was an amazing experience and I plan on doing it again whenever we decide to have baby number two! I highly recommend breastfeeding to all new moms. If you need any support feel free to contact me or reach out to your local La Leche League in your area.

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