Friday, April 19, 2013

Dancing King


It is amazing the order of things that we learn in the first year of life, sitting up, eating, talking, walking and apparently now, dancing! I am in no way shocked that Xavier is dancing. After all he comes from a long line of dancing and music loving families. It was only a matter of time before Xavier got his dancing feet and started boogieing.
   Now, many times a day he dances. Every time I turn the stereo on he dances. He will stand there and bounce up and down a bunch of times, and then run to me to pick him up and dance with him. He also dances for certain television shows. He will run to the tv and bounce up and down with the music. He even dances in his high chair while he is eating. He will sit there and bob his head with the music. I think the funniest is when it is quiet and he will turn on one of his toys that play a song and start dancing.
    He does it everywhere we go. We were out to eat the other day and he was dancing in the high chair to the music in the background.  I think it is so wonderful that he has picked up this dancing habit. It always makes him so happy to hear music and dance. If something is bugging him, like his teeth, I just turn on a little music and he dances away and it seems to really lift his spirits.
    Music and dance are very important to children, especially babies. They are very soothing and uplifting. They even have pregnant women play music on their bellies so the fetus' can hear it. It is a very powerful thing. I guess it is easy to see why it is an essential trait to learn as early in life as possible.
    We will be dancing more and more in this house and always listening to music and maybe one day even playing music. Simply because music and dance are good for our soul and just make us happy! You should be sure to add music and dance to your daily routine, it will definitely give your soul a little boost!

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