Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Culprits of Diaper Rash

     I admit it I have been completely spoiled. My breastfed baby had not had a single bout with diaper rash his entire first year of life. However, now that he is entirely on solids I am noticing diaper rash issues more and more. Although ours are not in any way severe. Discussion of diaper rash with a lot of moms have come up and I have realized that many of you have no idea what some of the culprits of diaper rash are. So for the sake of all those little bottoms out there I just wanted to let you in on the Culprits of Diaper Rash in hopes that you can avoid them so the little bottom in your life is clean, dry and diaper rash free!

Culprits of Diaper Rash
1) Wetness- This is the obvious one. Even though diapers are expensive and we try to save every penny we can, it does not do any good to delay changing your child's diaper to save money if you then have to put a ton of ointments and medicines on your child's bottom. Even the most absorbent diapers leave some moisture on your child's skin. Be sure to change your child's diaper often. Take note that children who have frequent bowel movements or diarrhea are especially prone to diaper rash. If your child has sensitive skin you have to be extra careful. The fragrances of disposable diapers, detergents used on cloth diapers, lotions or powders you use can all irritate and cause diaper rash on a sensitive bottom.

2) New Foods- This has been our problem, so be careful when your child starts being on solids only. Introducing new foods in general gives your child more bowel movements so be diligent about changing their diapers. Also, certain foods cause diaper rash so feed them sparingly to your child. Any foods that are high in acidic value such as strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, and fruit juice can be especially troublesome.

3) Infection- This one I am sure most people are aware of, no matter how careful you are sometimes things just happen. Your child may just have an infection. The bottom is warm, dark and moist a premiere breeding ground for bacteria and yeast.

4) Antibiotics- Many women are aware that certain antibiotics give them yeast infections. This is also true with children in diapers. If they are on antibiotics be very diligent with diaper duty as a yeast infection is easy to come along if they are already taking antibiotics for something else.

What to Do
- You can usually take care of diaper rash on your own. You only need to take your child to the doctor if it is infected. Meaning you can see blisters, pus-filled pimples, oozing yellow patches, open sores or your child is also developing a fever.
- Change your child's diaper frequently no matter what kind you use. The ultra absorbent or even the cloth still needs to be changed frequently.
- Do not use wipes that contain alcohol or fragrances. If you child has a diaper rash try wiping with simple warm water instead.
- Pat skin dry, DO NOT RUB
- Use an ointment as a barrier. There are tons, Desitin, Butt Paste, Petroleum Jelly, you name it. Just put a barrier between your child's bottom and the diaper to help with the rash.
- Put the diaper on loosely. I know this is not ideal, but if you want to get rid of diaper rash it is a must!
- Try to leave your child's diaper off as long as possible. I am sure you are thinking "what?" but really this is the best way to heal it. Try letting them sleep on a waterproof mattress pad diaper free, or walk around outside for a few hours or in a tiled or easy to clean room for a few hours a day everyday and it will really make a difference!

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