Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Xavier's First Birthday Party

   You only turn one once so we made sure it was really special for Xavier. I did not want it too big as I did not want him to feel overwhelmed so we just invited our family and close friends and had it on a Saturday afternoon. We debated about what theme to do Xavier's party in. I know what you are thinking, that we picked the theme, but I only narrowed it down to two themes, Xavier picked it. We narrowed it down to his favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle or Sesame Street. At the time we were talking about it, Xavier brought me his book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar because he wanted to be read to and that was it. He made the decision for us. Especially since his Elmo doll was right near the book and he could of easily grabbed that to play with instead. So I took the very hungry caterpillar theme and ran with it. Thank you so very much to Pinterest. Although we put all the decorations up ourselves the inspiration came from other mom's caterpillar parties on Pinterest. You can find them on my Pinterest page on the baby board if you would like them, please give those moms the creative decoration credit. However, it is so helpful to have somewhere to pull inspiration from.

    Saturday morning was rainy and gloomy. I was disappointed that I did not get to decorate the outside of the house nor spend as much time outside as we would have liked. However, everyone had a blast. It even cleared up later after cake and we were able to play outside for a while. Which was great because Xavier got to play with some of his new presents.

    Xavier had a fabulous day! He really loved his birthday party. When Nick and I were setting everything up the night before. I had no idea how much he would or would not notice and like and all I said was "I hope he at least notices everything and it makes him laugh and smile". I have never seen my son as happy as he was at his birthday party. He ate with everyone, he of course loved his cupcake. (His first taste of sugar). He played in the ball pit with his friend, Grayson. He even opened his presents and played with them. He was very sociable and sat on people's laps and was giving hugs and kisses. He ran around and played and had a blast. He finally crashed at 8:15pm and crashed all day Sunday and was pretty quiet Monday as well. Today is Tuesday and he finally seems like he is back to his normal self.

   I would say it was a successful first birthday party. We even got compliments on the decorations, food and how much the birthday boy was enjoying himself. I do not have a lot of advice for throwing your child a birthday party but I will say that two things really helped Xavier's mood. I planned the party around him. I held the party from 1-4pm which are Xavier's best hours of the day. Also, we kept it at our house, where he is comfortable. His highchair was still at the table, his toys were where they always are and I really think that made a big difference, because he was able to take in all the extra fun without being in a new surrounding. I would highly recommend doing your first birthday party at your home during your child's best hours. As everyone just wants to see the birthday boy smile and have fun and I am glad that they all got to see how much he really enjoyed his day!

These fantastic photos were taken by our very, great, friend Bill Gainous. Thank you so much for coming up for Xavier's party and capturing these moments as well. We love you and hope to see you again soon!

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