Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Time

     Sometimes I really live for the weekends. It's funny you would think as a stay at home mom that it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. I mean I am still home with my son. However, weekends are so very special to me. I love the fact that my husband is home with us. That for two whole days we have no real schedules, nothing major that needs to be accomplished. For two whole days we are together as one.
   Weekdays are always scheduled. Who is going where, who is using the car, what has to get done each day. Even days home with Xavier have schedules. I keep him on a tighter schedule when it is just him and I. Otherwise it is hard to make it through a long 8 or 9 hour day by myself. When we are on schedule Xavier and I are happy. Which is great for Nick to get to come home too. Not to mention we usually have dinner taken care of as well if we had a good day.
  However, weekends I specifically keep different. We stray from our schedule to do fun things together as a family. Nick and I take turns doing things that may need to get accomplished. We make sure we relax. It is really a time to reconnect with each other.
   Try spending a lazy weekend together with your family in the quiet, either outside or inside but with the electronics off. Just play, laugh, cuddle and talk. You will see it. The very special time of the ever moving stillness. The ever moving stillness is when you can see how fast time is going through the eyes of your children. On these quiet, lazy days. You can really see each other. See that which time has brought to you. See what has transformed right before your very eyes. You can feel the way it makes you feel safe, secure, happy and loved.
   This is truly the secret to life. To get to notice the ever moving stillness as much as possible. To really get to stop running on the hamster reel and connect with each other on a truly enigmatic level.
   Obviously, you cannot sit at home all day everyday with each other relaxing and reconnecting. Plus, how can you reconnect if you never leave once in a while. However, what is great about these times is the feeling you get. You know, how you feel Sunday afternoon. After all the Saturday activities, but before all the Sunday night preparations for the week ahead. The lazy afternoon that you spent with your family; relaxing and talking about the fun things you did the day before even sharing special meals together. You have this great feeling of love and serenity. Remember that feeling throughout the week. When you are very stressed, remember the moving stillness. Remember the special feeling that you get and it will help you through until you get to renew the feeling once more.
   It is extremely important as parents that we always remember to stop, think, relax and take it all in. We need to make sure to teach our children the same. If you do not stop you will run ragged and just be running on the hamster reel without really feeling much of anything. Remember that your children are looking to you for how to live their life and I know every parent just wants their children to be happy. Make sure they know how to take in life as much as possible!

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