Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Sound of LOL

   Have you ever noticed how your house has it's own sounds? Sounds that you are very familiar with. I know ours has a lot of different sounds. Sounds like the ice maker in the refrigerator, a wild cat running through our house (usually Zeus), the sound of birds chirping outside, the sound of clocks ticking inside. It is amazing how quickly we get used to certain sounds. They just all a sudden become a part of your life. For instance, when we got our dog, Vito he sleeps in our room. I now have gotten used to the sound of him snoring. Anytime I hear a sound I do not recognize it makes me feel better to have Vito because I know if he gets up and starts barking that is the only time I need to worry.
   Lately, there has been another sound in our house. One that although it was definitely never missing, has been enhanced. It started just once in a while at first. Then, gradually a little more. Now it happens multiple times a day. It even gets higher pitched and longer. I'm sure you are thinking, "Oh my gosh what is this horrible sound?". However, it is the opposite, it is the most amazing sound in the world. The sound of pure, innocent, joy. The sound is the laughter of my son. It started as smiles, worked it's way to giggles. Then each day more and more giggles. Now it is a full on giggly laugh multiple times a day. Sometimes he is laughing so hard at something and I have no idea what on earth he is laughing at. However, you cannot resist it, you always give in and laugh as well.  For what fun is laughter if there is not someone you love to laugh with.
   So now added to the normal everyday sounds of talking, singing, chirping, and ticking is giggling from Xavier as well as Nick and I.  Nick and I have always been big laughers so I am not surprised that Xavier is as well.  I am proud to say that we are a household that on a daily basis lives, loves and laughs.


  1. There is nothing in the world as wonderful as a child's laugh. You have a wonderful blog! Thanks for sharing.



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