Friday, March 15, 2013

The Quirk


 Ask any parent about their child and they will all tell you about some funny, odd quirk that their child possesses.  Your baby will pick some weird thing to do that will make you and your friends and family laugh. You will secretly wonder where they picked that up from? Was it something they learned? Something they saw? Or is that an inherited trait? Must be from the in-laws. Then, you wonder if this quirk is something all on it's own. Maybe it is what makes your child an individual.
    Or the quirk could just be something programmed into babies so that it is easier to get through rough days with them when they flash their cute smile, toss their little arms around you or perform their crazy quirk.

    Xavier has a quirk. It has been around for almost the entire year he has been around.  He loves socks! However, not on his feet. He loves to take his socks off, then wave them around. He loves it so much I can barely keep socks on him before he sneaks them off and waves them around in his hands, proudly marching around the house waving socks. Makes me wonder if he was a marching band director in another life. It is not just the socks on his feet either. He loves to play with his socks rolled up in a ball on his dresser. He also loves our socks. If he gets one of your socks he will wave it as well. Nick's sock drawer is low to the ground and as soon as Xavier sees it open he runs to it to try to grab the socks.  He even loves it when we wiggle our feet with socks on them. He will laugh out loud.

   I have no idea why my child is enthralled with socks. However, it seems to make him happy and it is funny how you are willing to let your child do just about anything if it makes them smile and giggle. I figure he is not hurting anyone and it makes him happy so I guess he can enjoy socks all he wants.

    It really makes you think about your own life. We should really do things that we find enjoyable and not feel guilty about it. Don't worry what other people might think, if they think you are odd because you like to wave your socks then, they are not meant to be in your life. Wave your socks proudly so you can smile and giggle and the people who are meant to be in your life will be giggling and waving their socks with you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy St. Patrick's Day! Check back Monday to see how we celebrated it!

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