Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Moby Go


    It is no secret that for centuries, mothers have been trying to find the best way to strap their children to themselves. If for no other reason then to have two hands free to brush their hair.  There has always been a number of different devices; early tribes used cradle boards to carry their young, the Egyptians used a sling, and now finally we have the Moby!
    Moby has made the best baby carrier I have ever seen with their MobyWrap. I highly recommend it to any new mom.  (To know more about it, check out  Review: Moby Wrap).  Being such a big advocate for the Moby Wrap, Moby offered Xavier and I the chance to try out their brand new Moby Go.  It is a baby carrier that is specially designed for older babies that weigh from 15-45 pounds. Xavier is now eleven months old and weighing in at around twenty five pounds.  He is walking but he still loves to be carried. Also, many parents notice that when their child starts walking they start taking them to more events and the child ends up getting tired and you have to carry them. Instead of wearing out your arms you can now use the Moby Go. I think this is a great idea! There are many baby carriers out there but not very many that are specially designed for older babies.

     Your baby carrying needs change as your child gets older. You will find that you need a more durable one. One with a little wiggle room for your child but still the safety and comfort to make you feel secure.  Moby got it correct with their Moby Go. The instant I put Xavier in it he looked up at me and smiled, his little loving smile. We tested it out for a good week. We took it everywhere. To the toy store, the grocery store, the park and even just around our neighborhood. I was determined to really give it a good test drive and see if the comfort could stand up to my harsh testing. (We are pretty tough on carriers). The result is that it stood up even better then I thought it would.

 Putting on the Moby Go!

    I was skeptical that a carrier with buckles and straps could ever be as comfortable as a wrap. However, I will admit the Moby Go is made perfectly so that you have the comfort in the areas you need it most. This is an amazingly soft and comfortable baby carrier. It has wide shoulder straps similar to their wrap that do a cross-shoulder design. The buckles are pillowed by the elastic bands for comfort and safety.  Many baby carriers fall short on lower back and shoulder comfort trying to squeeze safety and buckles in tiny straps that dig in your shoulders and back, but not the Moby Go.  It also boasts an ergonomic seat design with a 14.5" seat and a 18" tall body, a unique dual foam waist belt that adjusts from 23" to 54" and it comes in a gray and black color.

     I have many favorite things about the Moby Go. I love the material, it is a strong yet soft fabric that reminds me of a sort of khaki/cargo pant feel. The lightweight fabric keeps Xavier nice and cool and not over heat. We live in the south so that is a big thing with us. I love that it comes with a little hood that is sewn in the pocket for whenever you need it.  Also, I like the overall design. It lets Xavier have his arms in or out of the carrier. He can easily decide on his own, which helps a lot. Also, I like the buckles. It is much easier to carry in our diaper bag and throw on at the amusement park or hiking trail when Xavier gets tired. Plus, it is much easier to switch off between partners. If one of you is carrying and want to switch it is easy to do that with the big buckles.  Most of all it is the comfort. As a mother I am rarely ever comfortable. I am sore in many places of my body all the time. The last thing I want to do is wear something that makes me even more uncomfortable. Thank goodness the Moby Go is not uncomfortable! It feels just like part of your clothing and now being able to have your older baby snuggled up against you just got easier.

      The older Xavier gets the more I realize that his needs change. He needs a different high chair, carseat, stroller, toys, clothes and soon a bed. It is only natural that our baby carrying needs are changing too. So I am very glad that Moby has thought of the next step in baby carrying with their new Moby Go.

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   This product was given to me for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

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