Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Little Helper

I have a little helper, he is my baby boy.
He always smiles at me, and sometimes he plays coy.
I don't know how I used to do it, cleaning up the mess.
You do what you have to, when you don't have a helper I guess.
I sort the laundry according to colors, and put them in a pile.
He thinks it's fun to take the clothes and lay them around in his own special style.
When the clothes are nice and clean, I put them in the dresser to store.
He thinks they look much better strewn about the floor.
Cooking time is our favorite time, it's fun to make something to eat.
Of course, you need practice cooking with a little helper by your feet.
I guess it does not sound like help with a helper by your feet,
but it's amazing what you get done with a little one whose smile makes your heart skip a beat!

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