Thursday, March 21, 2013

Musical Associations

      Xavier and I were visiting a friend and their child the other day and she had on a channel of music that is only children's songs. I'm sure you know of such a channel, through Pandora, or your television you can find one. Of course I knew they existed, but Nick and I love music a lot so we usually vary our musical selections but children's has never been in our repertoire. Not that I have anything against it, but I figured if I wanted my child to like music they should like all music so why limit them to children's tunes only. However, I realized that I did not have an open mind. Xavier loved the children's music, they sing songs that I sing with him like ABC's and Bingo, etc. He would look at me and get all excited because it was a song he recognized. It also worked with shows that he recognized. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba and he knows a few of their songs and when they would come on the music station he would run to the tv and try to see if it was on tv. He would get all excited and dance.
    I decided to start playing the children's music station at home for him. He really seems to enjoy it a lot. He gets very excited when songs he knows come on and he likes to dance to them. It is funny how young we are when we realize music associations. He likes the children's music station because it is songs that he recognizes, that he remembers hearing with his mom or dad. Every time he hears those songs he gets all happy.
   It really is amazing how much children love music. They love the lullabies and the sing-a-longs. They always try to play with the musical toys. Nothing is better than ringing a bell or banging a drum.  It is amazing how much music they will pick up from now on. They are having music create memories in their life. They will hear music on the radio years from now and look back and say mom and I used to dance around the house to that song.

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