Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mr. Independent

  When you have a baby you will learn that there are many stages for babies. In fact your baby is never actually called "baby" it is a newborn, infant, cruiser and toddler. I used to think that such monikers were silly. I mean why can't you just call your child a baby for the first year. Then, as he went from newborn to infant, from infant to cruiser and now, from cruiser to toddler I can really see why. It is like one night you put your newborn to bed and kiss him good night and the next morning when you go and get him, he is an infant. The last week or so, my beautiful, loving "cruiser" has turned into a "toddler". Of course I cannot believe how much he is growing up. However, the term "toddler" is different from "cruiser" for so many reasons. The main reason is the independence.

    All a sudden it is like Xavier woke up one morning and decided he is in charge. He can now feed himself, walk, check out things, and he has his own language which Nick and I are quickly learning to pick up.  It is amazing how quickly he decided he wants to be a little person and he does not need mom or dad telling him what to do anymore. Don't get too excited. He still wants us around just only on his say so.

    Since he has started walking we rarely keep him "gated" up. (you know the baby gate around the middle section of the living room). We decided he needed freedom to try out his walking legs and he decided he was sick of being in a gate and now wants freedom all day long. Thank goodness we did good at baby proofing the first time around as there is not much left that needs proofing. I am now just getting used to baby toys all over the house during the day. Especially in the kitchen. Xavier loves to take his cars, balls and puzzle pieces and drive, bounce and bang them on the kitchen tile to hear the different noises they make and see how fast they go down the kitchen. Not too bad if you are not in the kitchen trying to cook at the same time. He also has decided that apparently the bathroom tile is also good for driving cars, bouncing balls and banging puzzle pieces. Apparently that must sound different then the kitchen tile.

     You can see how much faster he is learning things now. How much more tuned in he is to his environment and how he takes toys and tests them in all sorts of ways. It is neat to see him take joy in simple pleasures. Like the way his face lights up in the morning when he sees the Cheerios box, or how he loves to dance when he hears music he likes, or how he actually laughs at some of the cartoons he watches. It really is amazing to watch your "baby" transition into a "toddler". My baby boy is slowly becoming my little man each day at a time. I am glad I am constantly reminding myself not to blink, not to do anything but soak up every single second because I know they will be gone in a flash.

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