Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Xavier!

Dear Xavier,
    Today is March 25, 2013 and it is an extremely special day for our little family because it is your first birthday! A year ago today our little family of two became a three. How happy you have made your father and I. We knew we would be. We dreamed of you. We dreamed of having a baby and what it would be like. What kind of parents we would be. All the things we could play with you.
   You were planned, and we are very lucky because I got pregnant with you right away. We decided not to find out if you were a boy or a girl because there are very few good surprises in life, take as many as you can. We both honestly thought you were a girl. Although Nick really wanted a boy. I think he didn't want to get his hopes up. Everybody said you were a girl so we just assumed the "majority" was correct. When you came out and you were the boy your father had always dreamed of, and the amazing boy I never knew how much I wanted. You were certainly anything but the "majority" to us.
   This whole year has been amazing for us. We have tossed our old lives aside and rearranged our entire lives around you. You would think that you would be thanking us. However, it is us who should thank you. Thank you Xavier. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.  Thank you for your smile and love that you bring to our lives everyday. Thank you for smiling no matter how early in the morning it is that you wake up. Thank you for laughing at the breakfast table while you eat your cheerios, your oatmeal, and then some of mommy and daddy's breakfast as well. Thank you for letting us watch as you went from cooing to babbling to now saying "Momma", "Dadda" and "Hi". Thank you for letting us help you to learn how to crawl and walk. You are trying to teach yourself to run now. Thank you for cuddling up with us when you need us. For throwing your arms around our necks and nuzzling with your little smile. Thank you for running around the house with toy balls and animal puzzle pieces in your hands and leaving them around the floor for us to trip on. Thank you for banging your water cup up and down on the table to splash yourself in the face and make yourself laugh. Thank you for loving us reading stories to you. Especially your favorites, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Caterpillar's Springtime Day, Snuggle Puppy, Eight Silly Monkeys and Lullaby Moon. Thank you for showing us your favorite color is orange, favorite foods are mushrooms, olives and eggplant and favorite animal, well, that's a toss between a monkey, giraffe and tiger. Most of all thank you for teaching Nick and I how to love another unconditionally. To enjoy every second of life as it comes because it goes by so fast. To laugh as much as possible because you never know when what you thought was bad, really, was just a "peek-a-bo". And to remember to always get up when you get knocked down and keep trying until you get it right. For life is just one great big adventure and as you are starting off on your new path of life just know that your father and I are your allies and will always be here for you when you need us.
   So, Happy First Birthday to our son, Xavier! We love you soooooooo very much and we are so excited for what your next year of life will bring to our little family.
Your Mom and Dad :) smooches!

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