Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Different Terrain

   Xavier has been walking now for almost a month. He does really well. For the most part he walks everywhere. His only real issue is if he falls down he cannot get himself up unless he can climb up something, then he can stand and walk some more. He even has now started attempting to run. He has not been able to do that quite yet. He takes off a little and gets too excited and falls down.
   What I think is cute is that while he is such a great walker in our house, he is still just learning to walk in other places. We try to put him down and let him walk and he falls because of the different terrain. He just started walking on our back porch which is concrete. It is a nice smooth terrain for him, but every little stumble makes me afraid he will bruise up quite a bit. He only walks on the grass for a couple steps, he then gives up and goes back to what he knows. It is amazing to watch him in his learning. Each day he is learning, now it is really one step at a time. If it scares him he goes back to the porch for a while, then tries again for the grass the next day, and the next day, until he's finally comfortable.
    It is amazing to me how big of a part our natural instincts play in our decision making. You can really see how many human qualities are just instinctual by watching babies. Xavier does not know whether or not he will like what he encounters outside the back porch, yet he is determined to see it. He is determined to try and test it out and decide for himself. He is not going to just take our word for it, he wants to do it on his own.
   As adults we face the same problem. You want to step out into the unknown, thinking it will be fantastic. However, unlike  Xavier, we know there is a chance it may not be fantastic. I guess at some point in our life we realize that not every new step is a good one. However, what would you say to  your child? If Xavier walked off the back porch and had a bad stumble and cried his eyes out. I wouldn't think "well, you should be more careful", or "you should know better" or even "don't ever do that again". Instead I would say to him "You are alright, we are here for you if you need us, don't worry it's worth the trouble".  Perhaps as adults we need to remember that the next time we step off a back porch and stumble. Perhaps we should remember to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue on. If it seems hard, go back to what you know for a little while then, try again, because only then will you see how wonderful the yard really is.

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