Monday, March 4, 2013

Active Month

  It is funny how as a family you will notice that  certain times of year are busier then other times. I think for Nick and I it has always been the spring and fall. I'm not sure what it is about those seasons, I guess because the weather is so nice out. It is always sunny and just starting to get warm or cool enough that you are comfortable outside. The fall is our favorite time of year, however, spring is a season we are always looking forward to. That is because we have been cooped up inside all winter and we are finally ready to get outside and enjoy the earth.
      Last month we had been in a little bit of a funk. We had a death in our family (See, A Great Loss) and the weather here has been cold and/or raining a lot more then usual. So we pretty much spent February hunkered in our house and just enjoying each other quietly. Today is only the fourth day into March and we have already done a lot of things. We had get-together s with friends, we starting planning Xavier's first birthday party. I actually started an organizing project that I am working on for this blog. (Stay tuned for that post).
    Already March has started and took off. This is a fast month. It is going to be a fast month because of all the things we have planned. Also, because it is the start of spring. The start of beautiful weather. You can step outside and smell the Azaleas blooming. You can see the butterflies going from bloom to bloom. You can hear the Robin tweeting as he looks for his mate. You can feel the warm sunshine on your face and you can taste all the wonder fruits and vegetables that get available during this time of year.
     I am excited to have a busy month planned. I think it is a good start for the rest of the year. Sort of a type of starting on a new foot.  I think it truly is inspiring to watch as the earth melts the snow, it seeps into the ground and you watch as the grass grows greener each day and each day buds on trees come alive in the sunshine. I know that even through the countless birthdays this month (including Nick and Xavier's), the multiple holidays (which decorations do I put up first? can they overlap?), and the doctor appointments, I will remind myself of what the start of March really is. It is the start of Spring and as for me I am starting this month by springing into action!

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